The Football Hard Men Index No.5: Dunga

By Ollie Irish


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Name: Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri, aka ‘Dunga’ (after Dopey, one of the Seven Dwarves – because of his lack of stature when he was young)

Nationality: Brazilian

Position: Defensive midfielder

Why so hard? With his military-issue haircut, Dunga looks like a renegade soldier from a bad 1980s action movie. And, like a renegade solider from a bad 1980s action movie, he doesn’t take shit or suffer fools. As head coach of Brazil, it’s his way or the highway – his way, rooted in pragmatism, has served Brazil well so far.

As a player he was nails too (but rarely dirty), giving Brazil’s fancy dans some much-needed protection in midfield.


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  1. armando says:

    Dunga’s way seems to actually have fooled everybody, that is.
    He plays defensive anti-football and that fits just fine for Bolivia and Italy, not for Brazil.
    For the simnple reason that Brazil has world-class attacking players and attacking mentality and Brazil can make a crazy attacking team able to beat and destroy each and every other national team in the world.
    Dunga has been very very lucky so far. Dunga’s poor team has won Copa America 2007 out of pure luck against a much, much better Argentina.
    Same happened on Confederations Cup 2009 when Dunga’s team had a very hard time beating USA. And had the ultimate luck of not playing against Spain, which was much, much better.
    To make matters worse, Dunga’s team is led by the egomaniacal Kaka, who is much more worried about himself than the team!

  2. Mathews M says:

    You just have something against Dunga!!! Your jealous will take you to the grave. For me it does not matter how something is done but what is done. In everything positive results are what counts. I personelly give him a hand. I don’t know if you have forgotten that your Spain was beaten by USA, 2 – 0, if Dunga manages to against the team that beat spain, currently second in the fifa rankings to Brazil, then Dunga is better than your thinking and Spain. VIVA DUNGA, VIVA BRAZIL.

  3. Ricardo says:

    I’m Brazilian and like the most of us, I don’t like how the team plays.
    That said, it’s undeniable that Dunga has a plan and he knows what he is doing. It’s a TEAM for the first time in very long time. He has re-established the pride of being part of the national team that was lost since 2002. He knows how to win.

    Amando is right, we were lucky to reach the Copa America Finals, but we beat Argentina easily (with our B team against their best). Since Dunga took over we have defeated then at least 3 times and scoring 3 times in every game.

    At the Confederations Cup, it’s not our fault that Spain decided to loose to USA. We defeated Italy twice in South Africa.

    We scored 6 against Portugal the last time we meet.

    If any team goes toe to toe with us, will be crushed.

    The only chance against us is, put 11 men behind the ball defend like is your last day on earth and prey for a counter attack goal.

  4. Tom Jones says:

    “With his military-issue haircut, Dunga looks like a renegade soldier from a bad 1980s action movie”
    From a good 1980s action movie i think you mean.

    And for fuck’s sake use thumbnails.

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