Horror Hair: Pierre Aubameyang’s Asymmetrical Ginger Fronds

Chris Wright

3rd, February 2012


By Chris Wright

Gabon striker Pierre Eymerick Aubameyang has been catching the eye at the Africa Cup of Nations, not only for his stellar performances but also for his incredibly uninhibited choice in follicular arrangement, opting for a ginger Mohawk formation that is pitched firmly halfway between looking ‘out-bloody-rageous’ and ‘like the matted hair that tends to accumulate in and around the wrong end of a dog’.

He’s even gone and shaved a rusty-coloured sheriff’s badge-style design into the left flank…

…while favouring a sweet ass zig-zag on the right…


Super smug Neymar says:

“Ain’t nothing till you can feel it between your shoulder blades brah!”