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12 Responses to “Horror Hair: Andrea Pirlo Sprouts Luscious ‘Chuck Norris’ Beard”

  1. woz says:

    that could be a shit lookalike!!

    ahh pirlo how we miss you

  2. Goaltastic says:

    Looks more ‘long lost Bee Gee’ to me.

  3. porcelain sandwich says:

    Christ, I thought that was actually Chuck Norris in the thumbnail, this is the most un-shit shit lookalike yet.

  4. adwew says:

    Pirlo doesn’t look like chuck norris………….chuck norris looks like Andrea “Il Maestro” Pirlo

  5. js94 says:

    To be fair to him he actually looks like Norris!

  6. mancrush says:

    We all know Pirlo can rock whatever combination of hair he wants and we’d still all love him.

  7. Louis says:

    How about Hans from Die Hard (a.k.a Alan Rickman)

  8. Dick Naylor says:

    Looks like a light dusting on Serpico

  9. Graham says:

    Pirlo took the loss to Spain a little hard, methinks.. spent some time in the Wilderness..

  10. Mr Sensible says:

    How is that ‘horror hair’???

    Pirlo looks fucking awesome! Compare him to any PL player, Pirlo looks like a real man! Tell me 1 PL player who has better hair or looks as cool as fuck as Pirlo.

    I know I sound gay here but Pirlo is fucking great!

  11. derekcantona says:

    i thought it was “the million dollar man – Ted DiBiase” Haha, good man Pirlo, he must be a WWE fan

  12. Patrick Ekwall says:

    Dick Naylor, you are spot on with the serpico likeness. I see it, i like it.

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