Viral Football: Paul The Psychic Octopus Is Ambassador For England 2018 World Cup Bid

Ollie Irish

20th, August 2010


PAUL the Psychic Octopus, one of the undisputed stars of the 2010 World Cup, has been chosen as a new ambassador for the FA’s bid to host the World Cup in 2018. True story.

With Paul in our corner, we cannot fail.

Okay, this is something of a non-story and a viral bit of fun. I have no problem with that, and I’m sure it won’t harm or help England’s bid in the slightest.

And now the Daily Mail’s outraged take, via the always-charming Charlie Sale:

“England’s 2018 team have made their most farcical decision yet by announcing Paul the Octopus as a bid ambassador on the eve of the inspection visit by FIFA top brass, who like to be taken seriously… The media release even includes quotes from John Barnes calling Paul ‘one of the biggest names in football’.”

Good old Daily Mail.