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New Arsenal Home Kit Is Gorgeous (With Photos)

By Ollie Irish


Mmm, that is about as good as a modern kit with a sponsor’s logo gets. It almost makes me jealous of Arsenal fans who get to wear it. Almost.

The PR eco waffle: “Every shirt is made entirely from recycled polyester, crafted from up to eight plastic water bottles as part of Nike’s ‘Considered Design’ programme, which sees discarded plastic bottles diverted from landfills to be used in the manufacturing process.”

More about the kit on

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Will Cesc Fabregas ever wear the kit in anger? It looks increasingly likely:

“I haven’t said that I will definitely leave Arsenal,” Fabregas told the Mirror.

“Everything is possible. Now I have my head and my focus on the World Cup. I am very proud to be captain of Arsenal and I love the club and have respect for them. It gave me much pride to be made captain.”

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By Ollie Irish on July 1st, 2010 in Arsenal, Featured, Kits & fashion, Photos. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

20 Responses to “New Arsenal Home Kit Is Gorgeous (With Photos)”

  1. ben says:

    Even as a spurs man i LOVE this kit. its beautiful. Fair play to arsenal, theyv got a gudd’un this year. Good job we’ve got a beauty coming too

  2. Jesus says:

    Great kit! Simple, clean and traditional.

    The photoshopping on this is really terrible though. WTF is up with the silver patch on Theo’s thigh?

  3. rc says:

    silver patch on thoe shorts looks like an air vent, either that or somwhere to ut his bleeding ear rings in whilst sitting on the bench!!

  4. Chris says:

    Prefer the new Spurs effort meself!

  5. IrishGooner says:

    looks comfortable too unlike last years. Just as I was about to buy the 1971 liam brady one too. finally a nice home kit! ill be making a purchase.

  6. IrishGooner says:

    looks comfortable too unlike last years. Just as I was about to buy the 1971 liam brady one too. finally a nice home kit! ill be making a purchase. And not being bitter but that tottenham shirt is disgusting looking.

  7. Swissgooner says:

    1971 Liam Brady? Either you mean Charlie George, or you mean 1979. Youngsters today, don’t know their history!

  8. Jesus says:

    Hahaha! Nice catch.

    Btw, love your blog Swissgooner (i.e. if you’re the one who writes the in-depth articles about football finances :D)

  9. jamjam says:

    Van persi has the ugliest legs in the premiere league !!

  10. Ruperto says:

    It’s Really Nice

  11. Ad says:

    How are inanimate objects beautiful. Beautiful things are sexually attractive and I for one sensible sane person would not have sex with a football kit.
    I personally think it’s uninspired and very ordinary. Haven’t bought a genuine shirt in years, knobheads buy replica strips and I ain’t a knobhead I’m afraid.

  12. great shirt

    should have red socks

  13. Bluebybirth says:

    pretty nice glad they kept emirates

  14. Abdulmajid says:

    It looks good but not as that of the away jersey.

  15. SE London says:

    Brought up with this kit in the 70’s.
    Hated it then, why go back to such a boring style.

  16. LEE says:

    The silver patch on theo’s shorts is the compression shorts(underneath the arsenal kit) that are worn with the compression shirt that alot of players wear these days

  17. Spursmurf says:

    Speaking as another ‘kit-envious’ Spurs fan; I have to hold my hands up… that really is a classically good looking kit. and it’s good for all the right reasons… nothing tacky, harks back to a bygone era that (for anyone who was alive back then) always fills you with misty-eyed nostalgia!
    I only hope that’s as good as their season gets… but I fear not!

  18. Temjin says:

    Fantastic. The Gunners vs Spurs matches this year can turn out to be crap but hey, with both teams wearing extremely smart kits the photos will be worth looking at from years to come.
    The only thing wrong with the kit? That dreadful focus-group/maketing campain oriented badge.

  19. kritter says:

    Really like the red cuffs on the long-sleeve version.

  20. Eilidh says:

    woww..I’m a ‘pool supporter..but I must say..RVP will look delish in this :)

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