Europa League: Porto 1-2 Man City – Aguero Pinches Vital Victory As City Take The Reigns (Photos & Highlights)

Chris Wright

17th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

I’m not particularly glad that Manchester City won this one, but I’m deliriously cock-a-hoop that Porto lost –  and for one, sole reason: Hulk. Jesus wept, what an overrated pile of festering guano that man is. Shite touch after shite touch followed by pleading tumble after pleading tumble. Waiting to feel a touch, any touch from his marker, that being his cue to plough himself into the Dragão turf.

He possesses the bodily bulk of a brawny bison, yet he reacts to contact by bouncing around and wincing through tear-beaded eyes like he’s fabricated from balsa wood and blu-tack.

The guy has nothing. Nothing. A few utterly superfluous and largely ineffective flicks and a shot that is less ‘Howitzer’ and more ‘Surface to Air missile’. €100 million release clause? All I can say is, his agent must be bloody good. F**k him. F**k you Hulk, you whining, diving, useless cheating bag of day-old cat vomit. The most overrated player in world football, and I will hear nothing to the contrary.

Oh, Man City won 2-1. Varela opened for Porto, an Alvaro Pereira o.g bought City level and Sergio Aguero rolled home in the 84th minute to put City in charge of the tie at the halfway point.

P.S – City have also lodged an official complaint with UEFA over the alleged racist chanting from sections of the Porto fans directed at Mario Balotelli. Apropos to nothing, the Portuguese side fielded at least eight black players (that I can think of off-hand) over the course of the night.




Photos: PA

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  1. Tom says:

    But hulk is so beast on FIFA!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The release cause is too steep to the tune of about £100m. Not really sure why anyone believes he is of any quality. They win the league every year because the disparity in financial clout is easily as big as in Scotland. You should see the cloying BBC article about him, it’s as dirty as a dogs bollocks.

  3. Connor says:

    He looked awful. it’s funny how people are clamoring for their teams to sign him without watching him play a game and just his youtube highlights… Don’t do it! That’s how city ended up with Georgios Samaras!

  4. Hugo says:

    I’m a Porto fan and I agree he was awful last night, and he hasn’t been great this year. However he can be devastating specially if he play in the flancs as he should and not as the lone sticker.

  5. Hugo says:

    spelling fail
    However he can be devastating specially if he plays in the flancs as he should and not as the lone striker.

  6. Dan says:

    the reason his release clause is so high is so nobody will buy him. porto don’t want to sell him, that’s the whole idea of it. jesus, it’s fairly simple. it’s the same as benfica have done with david luiz/ramires/di maria/cardozo/javi garcia/gaitan etc etc the high release clause is to hopefully put clubs like man city/united/real off buying them because a lot of time is invested in these players only for them to fuck off because a few euro is dangled in front of them. either put them off, or make sure they make their money back

  7. Manuel says:

    Dan, that´s not true. They´re desperate to sell him because Porto has no money. They would like to sell him for over €50 million, but now nobody will buy him for that amount of money. He´s not worth it and the with the economy in acute crisis…
    Porto is 2 months behind on the monthly wages of the professional team and 3-4 months behind on the teams of Handball, Basket and Hockey.
    They´re out of the Champions, which they counted in their budget to pass, and are now out of Europe League. They wanted to sell 5 players in January and all they got was the chance to lend them to other teams, with buying options if those teams still want them in the summer. The chances are very dim. They will be back in the club in July.
    They have a very serious cash-flow problem that only will be solved by making €30-40 mIllions very soon. The banks have closed the tap and they can´t get a new bond loan, or roll over the old one.

  8. Jamesson says:

    Now you know what we Portuguese football fans have to suffer, in Portugal every dive from Hulk is a foul. We’re tired of the corrupt mafia that controls Porto. They control sports,courts, police and politics all in the name of influence and affection for Porto(the club). It’s a damn shame and we’re full of it! Even after being caught paying refs nothing happened to them, if you’re a crook or even a Sicilian mob boss you have a lot to learn in Portugal, because shit here is just on another level.

  9. JFK says:

    F*** off man, you’re just another frustrated Benfica fan that can’t get a hard on unless Benfica wins on Sundays and that, if not, beats his wife…
    Porto has been the best Portuguese team for the last 20 years but you still thrive on the goals from Eusebio.
    Stop living in the black and white TV era… we have HD now!
    Best regards,

  10. Manuel says:

    Jamesson is right. Of course Benfica fans are frustrated, as anybody would be if would have been robbed for so many years and with total impunity from the criminals. A country without justice and with a corrupt judicial system is not a democratic country, it is Zimbabwe!

    The portuguese Judicial system is controlled by the Portuguese Freemasonery, which has acquited the bunch of criminals and corrupts that are the managers of FCPorto of all the crimes they have committed along these 30 years, with the complicity of the judicial, police, political authorities in the city of Oporto.

    One can only go to YouTube and listen to the interceptions by the portuguese judicial police of those people which they did during almost one year. All those tens of thousand of hours of interceptions were considered not valid in court because they changed the law, just for that purpose, so they could free them from the charges made by the Chief Prosecutor.

    The president of Oporto, escaped to Spain when he was alerted of the investigations by someone inside their own Judicial Police and by a Judge, which is the wife of one of his lawyers, the actual President of the Oporto Football Association, Lourenço Pinto. Before running away, he and his accomplices destroyed all the evidences they had in their houses and offices! The police when arrived the next morning got nothing!

    The Vice-Presidente of Porto of the last 30 years, Reinaldo Teles, it has been the owner of some prostitutes bars for 30 years. He is a pimp and a trafficker of human flesh, whom they get in Brasil through member´s of the Porto´s hooligans, SuperDragões, the same guys that make these racists noises. They are the owners of the night in Oporto, trafficking drugs, using prostitutes in their own benefit and even killing people that confront them, in the same manner the mafia does. It is a very long history that can be read in the blogue “pulpuscorruptos”. Unfortunately everything is in portuguese.

    They have used those clubs as a means to corrupt all those authorities, political, police, judges, football managers, referees, etc. All this is very well known, specially in Oporto. But everybody is afraid to talk. They will get retaliations in form of being beaten up, being dismissed from the job (journalists, for example), etc.

    But all this things are very well known of the portuguese people in general. The mafia from Porto have tried to hush this up by buying or scaring journalists which don´t have the courage to denounce it. Now, with the internet, a real democratic tool, is getting more and more difficult. And people is losing their fear.

    Well, it is worse than Italy, because in italy you have the state and the authorities fighting actively the Mafia. In Oporto you have the same authorities covering up the local Mafia. And getting paid by them. As long as the local club, Porto, wins they are happy. How it gets its wins they just don´t care!

    And like the Mafia they get the money from the drug trafficking, the pimpery and from the money the club hide in off-shores. It has been really bad. It is the worse and most scandalous secret of mafia activity in Europe. And believe me, they even have extended their tentacles to UEFA and FIFA and even to some international referees. We know how and thorough whom.

    All men like nice women, specially if they get them free of charge!

  11. JFK says:

    Funny you mention ROBBERY… need I to remind you that Benfica ROBBED every title for decades because it was the club of the regime?

    Get a life and watch some tapes of Monaco vs Porto in the Champions League Final, maybe it will teach you something.

    Or do you think Porto bribed and robbed its way through the title?

    Go change your diappers, boy… move along…

    Best regards

  12. Manuel says:

    This JFK is a funny guy. He doesn´t CONTEST any of the FACTS which I have pointed clearly and for what there is PROVES. Instead he prefers to speak about something he calls “the club of the regime”, whatever that means.

    “… move along”…, hey? That´s what you want, to forget and whitewash, for you people have not paid the society for the crimes you have committed all along these years. You´re in DEBT to the society you live in. Do you know what that means?

    And then speaks about my age, he doesn’t´know me and probably I´m old enough to be his father! LOL!

    So, according to this brilliant mind, anybody that complains about the mafia and corruption is a whiner. Anyway, I prefer anytime to be a whiner than to be a corrupt, mafioso and a pimp.

    The internet have spoiled a lot of their plans, haven´t it? “The truth is like olive oil, sooner or later it surfaces”. And it smells rotten!

  13. Lee Harvey Oswald says:


    Funny you mention the “Regime”, as FC Porto were saved twice from Relegation in the years you mention. Not bad huh?
    Club of the “Regime”? That had to play for the European Club Champions Cup final and Domestic Cup semi-final in consecutive days?
    That had to change its anthem because of the words in there were of rebel nature?
    Yeah right…

    Ask Sir Alex Ferguson how he feels about that year when you beat Monaco. Interesting stuff he has to say. Maybe he’s also a Benfica fan…

    Last thursday’s game was a disgrace for Portugal (not only Porto) in terms of racism, because all clubs are more or less like that. The fanatism for one’s team makes people do stupid stuff all the time.

  14. Manuel says:

    And for those thinking we´re inventing here are some interesting quotes:

    “We got the most difficult team, but I think they buy their titles in TESCO. They win every year. Every time they buy a packet of milk, they get another 3 points”. The irony of Sir Alec Ferguson.

    “To be successful in Portugal, where I´ve worked, with FCPorto it´s not a big deal. The way things are “structured”, from the president downwards, they have the success guaranteed almost every year”.
    (Graham Souness, english football trainer to TalkSports. The famous “mafia structure”).

    “There are clubs that do everything to win, to auto-proclaim themselves winners, and that break the law in a obscene way.
    One of the things more surprising of all this is the repetition of the names of these teams. They are always the same: Juventus, FCPorto…”
    (Santiago Segurola, vice-Director of “A Marca”, spanish biggest sport newspaper).

    He cited the 1984 Cup Winners Cup semifinal, charging that (Porto´s president) Pinto da Costa bribed Ion Igna with $50,000 to smooth Porto’s victory over the Scottish team Aberdeen.”
    (Rob Hughes, International Herald Tribune January, 1997).

    The scandals of 1996. First, FC Porto was caught paying vacation trips to Brazil taken by former referee Carlos Calheiros. FC Porto’s travel agency used the referee’s two middle names to identify his account. How is a referee to remain partial when one team is paying for his and his family’s vacations abroad? The consequence was Mr. Calheiro’s nomination for president of the referee’s union being denied, and no punishment was given to FC Porto.
    Later it was discovered that a member of the Porto’s front office approached the referee of the semi-final Cupwinner’s Cup between Porto and Aberdeen in 1984 and attempted to bribe him to facilitate Porto’s scoring chances. Porto went on to win 3-0.

    David Walsh, Chief of Sport Section of The Times, 2011.
    “Eight years have passed since Porto of Mourinho beat Celtic in an epic and fraudulent UEFA final in Seville. A great game that could be great was diminished by the cynicism of the Porto players pretending injuries at the least hint of a contact. He had said before the match that he was afraid the Celtic players would kick his players out of the pitch. That went into the heads of the referees. So the referees made the match according to his will”.

    The referee Alan Wilkie, in his biography:
    “In the european games we were all very well treated. In 1988, before FCPorto-PSV Eindhoven we were met in Porto´s airport by Antonio Garrido, an ex-FIFA referee that would follow us during 3 days. We went to the hotel and afterwards to the centre of Oporto to eat and take a drink in two bars owned by the club (“Taberna do Infante”, is one of them). Our guides insisted in offering us other type of “hospitality” but we declined in a gentle way”.

    This is just a small sample of all the material that exists. But most of the facts were hidden or hushed, either by censorship, aggression (journalists and politicians), physical threats on journalists (threats of dismissal), players, politicians, bribery, corruption, and so on. The list is very long indeed.

  15. JFK says:

    Hey, you know Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t kill JFK, right?
    I wish you’d study your history books as well as you watch youtube and blogs.

    Oh, I wish you were Judges, that way you could exercise and watch your fantasies come true.
    That’s why this country is not going forward… you Lx guys don’t do anything productive.

    Bbye pretty ladies, I have to go to work so that you can live like you do… ;)

  16. JFK says:

    As a quick note: (sorry this is in Portuguese)

    Vieira irritado ao telefone

    15 de Março de 2004. Paulo Paraty tinha arbitrado o jogo do Belenenses-Nacional para o campeonato. Por esse motivo, não podia ser indicado para o jogo da Taça, que ocorreria dois dias depois, obrigando Pinto de Sousa, que, à data, liderava o Conselho de Arbitragem, a procurar outra opção. Pinto de Sousa tentaria contactar Vieira para justificar a mudança, mas o dirigente benfiquista deixou de lhe atender o telefone, o que acabaria por levar Valentim Loureiro a envolver-se num jogo que estava fora da alçada da Liga.

    “Disseram-me que era o Paulo Paraty o árbitro… Agora dizem-me à última hora, vêm-me dizer que já não pode ser o Paulo Paraty por causa do Belenenses”, lamentava-se Vieira a Valentim, enquanto respondia às sugestões dadas por este. “Não quero Lucílio nenhum! (…) O António Costa?! F… Isso é tudo Porto! (…) O Duarte, nada, zero! (…) O Proença também não quero!”.

    Want more?

  17. Dan says:

    manuel, thanks for bringing the apito dourado stuff here, it’s a shame only people in portugal actually know about this stuff

  18. JFK says:

    Hey bitches… Benfica 2 – Porto 3… Hulk scored the opener with a missile!

    Go and suck your thumbs now…

    And Manuel, thanks for bringing the apito dourado stuff here… lol.
    What a bunch of morons and losers…!!

  19. Manuel says:

    The last goal of Porto was ONE meter off-side. Yes, 2 players of Porto in ONE meter off-side. It was a free-kick, so there isn´t any excuse for the liner not seeing the clear and obvious off-side. Another liner bought by Porto, as usual. We all know how this is done.

    Last year, the winning goal of Hulk was a 2 meters (YES!, 2 Meters!!) offside. There are pictures and photos of both cases and they are not manipulated!, So, two matches, two wins! Two scandalous offsides! Against facts there´s no excuses. And don´t tell me that it is only a mistake! Mistakes are made but some things are so obvious that you can not deny them!

    The cases are too many to just to be dismissed as simple errors! They are not errors, they are manipulation of football results in favour of one club! All portuguese know this. I can bring here much more.

    Those that doubt what I´m saying can visit, pulpuscorruptos@
    and see all the posts with the revelations of all the corruption that have been going on in Portugal the lasts 30 years with the magistrates, the police, the politicians, the football trainers and players, journalists, etc., all bought with the aim of giving advantage to only one club. All are bought with money, with prostitutes, with menaces, and so on. Just go and spend some time and patience reading all the material that is there! It is very extensive!
    There are not an example like that IN ALL WORLD!!! Mafia and corruption all together in the highest level!

    Cowards need to cheat to win! They don´t know better!

  20. JFK says:

    Ups… sorry for the late reply, I’ve been partying hard due to the 3 points we have won in your stadium…

    I must say, that eagle looked a bit sick… are they feeding it properly?
    I know that rats are abundant in that area but surely something else is in order.

    Best regards,
    A fan who is looking down at you

  21. Manuel says:

    Go and have a look at the blog, pulpuscurruptos They have now an english translation so that everybody that does´t understand portuguese can, little by little, read all the information that is spread in blogs, newspapers, books, opinions of journalists and common people, court testimonies, etc., that this people have been doing the last 30 years. I am sure many people will be shocked by what have been happening in Portugal, a democracy in the European Union, in the last years. And that have had serious reflections in the overall society. The economic problems that Portugal is having can not be detached from all this impunity and miserable state of corruption of the judicial system in the country.

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