Which Three Players Must Manchester City Sell This Summer?

Ollie Irish

28th, April 2010


By Ollie Irish

You are City’s weakest links. Goodbye…

A hypothesis:

You are Roberto Mancini (you can take the scarf off now, seriously). Come the end of the season, when your City team has finished fourth despite spending shit-loads of cash on new players, you take a long, hard look at your squad.

Which three players do you choose to get rid of? SWP? Kolo Toure? Adebayor? Santa Cruz? Michael Johnson? Funny little man Stephen Ireland?

Let’s be having you (and feel free to suggest which three players City should replace them with)…

Which Three Man Utd Players Must Alex Ferguson Sell This Summer?
Yeah, I got this one wrong

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  1. Chris says:

    SWP – Very fast, just not a very good footballer. Should be nowhere near the England squad.

    Roque Santa Cruz – Not good enough to justify the huge transfer fee. Doesn’t do anything that Adebayor can’t do better.

    Patrick Vieira – What’s the point of him being there in the first place? I’m sure they’ll extend his deal though.

  2. Ollie says:

    I think if you can get decent money for SWP, then he must be sold. Agreed. Santa Cruz hasn’t had much of a shout but he’s not top-four material, even when fully fit. Vieira, totally agree with you.

  3. ALAN MEADOWS says:

    Seems a bit harsh picking on those three. If we are talking who is good enough for Champions League then the list to get rid of should include:- Bridge, Garrido, Zabeleta, Vieira, Robinho, Santa Cruz, Petrov, Adebayor, Toure, not to mention ssome of those on loan like Bojinov, Benjani and heaven knows who else……………

  4. Jensuicat says:

    There are so many possibilities it is hard to know where to start.
    Last night I started to think about this problem and came up with a total in the teens here are some thoughts:-
    Forwards Definates:Bojinov, Calceido, Jo, Benjani,Robinho.(5)
    Forewards Maybe’s if Manchini stays: Bellamy Santa Cruz, Adabayor- (3)
    Tevez if we don’t get 4th.(1)
    Midfield: SWP,Stephen Ireland, Kelvin Etutu, Petrov, (4)
    Viera if not offered player coach role (1)
    Defenders: Sylvinho, Bridge, Garrido, Logan,Onoua, Richards, Vidal (7)

    Wow 21 in all and I can’t comment on the other youngsters who are out on loan.
    Some of these may miss the chop if we don’t make 4th place but imho the above are not long term suitable for a top 4 club- sorry guys and thanks

  5. Zorrin Drax says:

    Benjani should go – not because I don’t like him, but because he’d play every week for one of the newly-promoted teams, and really do the biz for them.

    Wayne Bridge has a 0% success rate with his fanal ball. Shame, because he looks like Glen Quagmire from Family Guy.

    SWP must stay. He’s totally different from say, Wallcott, or that other titch from Spurs, forgot his name, the one with the daft eyebrow, you know the one I mean.

    The ball just sticks to Shaun. He controls it with his chin, bounces the ball off defender’s shins and runs on to the rebound, I love all that crazy stuff. He’s our best player when we need someone who really wants run at defenders. I like the fact that he often has a bit of white fluff stuck to his ‘fro.

    Keep Vieira. Form is temporary, class is permanent. I think he will come good, (like Hamman did under Sven). Like the Kaiser, it’s impossible to get the ball off him without conceding a foul. Johnson learned from Hamman, and got better, before his “injury”. Maybe Vieira can use his football brain to improve Ireland, who has the potential to be world class.

  6. Jake Mullane says:

    I think next season will be very different for manchester city. the club is just gonna get bigger and bigger. and the kinds of players that are just getting in the way and cant live up to the new potential of manchester city are the likes of. garrido, santa cruz, zabaleta, johnson. i do feel very strongly that there will be alot of departures in the summer. but the kinds of players that will be entering the squad will be amazing. im expecting at least 3 big players. weather its torres, ribery, gerrard, behrami, aaron lennon, modric, robinho return. who knows. all i can say is that next season man city’s squad will be very different

  7. laser says:

    Without a doubt the first 3 to go should be

    Jo – if we can find someone stupid enough to take him.

    Caciedo – remember him…

    Benjani – surplus to requirements

    before letting decent squad players go we should clear out the real deadwood.

  8. dajd1984 says:

    some of those suggestions are terrible.

    Jensuicat… get rid of onuoha? and what has vidal and logan done to offend you?

    vieria has class. the current arsenals lack of experience shows when they go behind and cant keeo their heads up. a man of PV’s experience is one who can bring that. there really is something to the ‘knowing how to win’ idea. swp and si are sooooo affected by self-confidence it is untrue.

    i reckon if hart cant be kept happy on the bench (if indeed he doesnt steal shay’s #1 shirt) then we should loan him back cos i dont fancy him being sold to arsenal when shay is getting older.

    the only better left backs with premier league experience (were not gonna get a.cole) are gareth bale, that would be interestign trying to get him, and gabriel heinze who is getting on a bit.

    next year i would have (subs):

    Hart (given)

    toure lescott heinze (zabaleta onuoha richards bridge)

    de jong barry (kompany vieira)

    ribery gerrard robinho (beckham ireland schweingsteiger)

    villa tevez (adebayor bellamy)

  9. Hannu says:

    If I have to pick only three they are Robinho, Jo and Roque Santa Cruz. I chose these players because they are among the most expensive ones of our team and still useless. I think that cost/quality ratio is the worst with these three. I have thought both transfer fees and salaries when thinking about their cost.

    However, if I can mention more players, I would get rid off Felipe Caicedo, Kelvin Etuhu and Wayne Bridge too. Possibly Kolo Toure could also leave since we seem to be after one more center back. I have also counted out Benjani, Martin Petrov and Sylvinho because I believe their contracts will expire next summer.

    Naturally, Bridge is better player than Javier Garrido but Bridge’s salary is ridiculously high compared to his quality. And he’s very injury prone too. That’s why I would get rid off him. Garrido could stay as a cover for some high quality left back we will buy next summer.

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    Some of the se comments are absolutely clueless. I’ll list players worth keeping as its ashorter list :p

    Tevez, Adebayor, Nimley.

    Bellamy, A.Johnson, Barry, NDJ, Zabaletta(DM sub), Ibrahim(loan).

    Kompany (as CB), Lescott(as CB), Onouha(RB sub), Toure (CB sub),boyata (loan).

    Hart, Given.

    We need Edin Dzeko as 2nd stiker to partner Tevez in the hole, Adebayor to cover from the bench, cup games.
    Memut Ozil as playmaker partnering either NDJ or Barry depending on game.
    Phillip Lahm as replacement LB if we can lure him away.
    Jerome Boateng as RB replacement.
    Convince Hart to stay and fight for 1st place spot in goal. Maybe 1 more attacking Midfielder or winger as cover.

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