Dynamo Kyiv 2-0 Man City: Mario Balotelli Forced Off With ‘Grass Allergy’

Chris Wright

11th, March 2011


By Chris Wright

Man City’s Europa League ambitions took a bit of a battering in Ukraine last night, with Roberto Mancini’s side ultimately slipping to a 2-0 defeat at the hands of Dynamo Kyiv in a frozen Lobanovsky Stadium thanks to goals from Andrey Shevchenko and Oleh Gusiev.

With just one notable shot to speak of, the most memorable moment of the night was perhaps provided by City man-child Mario Balotelli, who was substitued just after the interval complaining of an ‘itchy face’.

Balotelli delayed the start of the second half by a couple of minutes by failing to emerge from the tunnel with the rest of the City team, then constantly pulled up to whinge and rub his face during the opening minutes of the restart before eventually making way for Carlos Tevez in the 57th minute.

Mancini explained:

“Mario had an allergy, I don’t know what, his face was swollen, I don’t know why. He wanted to play in the second half but he had this problem 10 seconds before coming out.

“I came out a minute before the players and I didn’t see Mario. He then said he could play but his face was swollen.”

The cause of our Mario’s little flare-up? Why, a ‘certain kind of grass’ of course.

Presumably the ‘green’ variety.

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  1. I actually saw the match, he looked terrible , so something was up

    on a lighter note, I’d like to formally apologize to the WAATpies kids, I love this site, and I’m sorry for shamelessly promoting my twitter. I just had a goal of hitting 1000 followers and was constantly promoting myself. sorry lads. now we can talk proper football yeh?

  2. Chris says:

    @KPV: Apology accepted.

  3. K P V fo real yal says:

    allergic to hard work

    follow me on twatter ya . . oh wait

    kpv , your punishment is to post sensible comments (like today) on pies for a month.

    case dismissed

  4. KevinW says:

    He probably was too cold, no more snoods after all.

  5. The Yank says:

    I love how Mancini has to put up with a baby like Balotelli. It makes his life miserable which in turn makes me happy. I don’t mean to sound cynical, but schadenfreude is no sin.

  6. sukrut says:

    totti kicked him in the face

  7. QueerAsFuß says:

    This is kind of ironically sad in a way; like a jockey being allergic to horses. Or a blacksmith to iron.

    I wonder what strange and exotic Киев grass this was? Anti-egoist-lack-of-professionalism grass?

    It must not haven been too bad of a reaction if it was cleared up with a couple of antihistamine tablets.
    I guess I don’t have much sympathy as I have a serious immune disease that causes my body to reject/react it’s own bone marrow and I have to take a truck load of pills daily and have frequent injections and bouts of radiation to keep it to the point where at least one of my eyes is not swollen shut and my lungs are not cut off with aedema and swelling. His face was hardly what I would consider swollen.

    I know you always have to be careful with the risk of anaphylaxis but something that a couple of benadryl handles is not approaching anaphylaxis level. (I read it described in one article as a bout of ‘hay fever’)
    So going off with itchy face versus guys who go out and play with bloody head bandages kind of has you looking like a pussy.

    Now if only we could get footballers to be allergic to getting crappy tattoos instead…

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