Pies Classics: The Very Best Of Sir Alex Ferguson

By Chris Wright

Soccer - Alex Ferguson Filer

“Come give us a hug you big soft Nelly!”

If you’ll excuse the flagrant self-aggrandising, without wanting to dissolve into Fergie overload (too late), here’s the best of the mileage we’ve had out of Sir over the past few years, all conglomerated into one, easily-digestible link page…

1. 60 Glorious Photos Of Sir Alex’s 25 Imperious Years At United – Does exactly what is says on the tin.

2. Top 5 Possible Replacements For Ferg At Old Trafford – Yes, we know what you’re thinking; Tony Pulis does get a mention.

3. Fergie and Mancini Handbags – The time the two Manchester managers came perilously close to very nearly having a bit of a scuffle.

4. Sir Alex Throws Up The Gangsta Deuces – Or plays ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ – whichever you prefer.

5. Sir Alex Ferguson: Style Icon – The man can carry off a hat…or several.

6. 10 Iconic Poses Suggested For Sir Alex’s Old Trafford Statue – From “Gollum” right the way through to “Bonny & Bashful”.

That is all.