Transfer Balls: Man Utd To Pip Liverpool, Arsenal, Southampton And Chelsea To Stroppy Marcos Rojo

Chris Wright

13th, August 2014


By Anorak

Transfer balls: A wry look at the biggest/silliest transfer rumblings doing the tabloid rounds today…


The world awakens to the news that Manchester United are in for Argentina’s World Cup left back Marcos Rojo, currently at Sporting Lisbon.

The Express reckon Southampton also want the player, but Marcos is “desperate” to join United.


The Mirror claim Rojo is a top bloke who is “refusing to train ” with his Sporting teammates until he gets what he wants. If he still doesn’t get what he wants he will scream and scream until he’s sick.

Of course, according to The Daily Star, not too long ago United fan Rojo was rooting for a move to Monaco…


Now it would appear that it’s United or bust….


For what it’s worth, The Star say Rojo is an “ace”.

However, this is Transfer Balls – so called as no-one really knows anything and the papers tend to write utter nonsense when it comes to transfer dross.

Get this from the Express just two days ago, where Rojos is also on the verge of heading to both Arsenal and Liverpool…


Bettered only by a website called Squawka news, who added Chelsea to the mix…


So, just to clear that all up – Rojos, over the course of about 48 hours, has been linked with a move to Manchester United, Southampton, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea.

Did we miss any?