Shorts: Steven Gerrard To Real Madrid, Colin Murray To Host MOTD2, Alex Ferguson Dismisses Retirement Talk

Ollie Irish

23rd, April 2010


By Ollie Irish


Our new pals over at Goaly Moly (the football version of pioneering celeb site Holy Moly), who have some very good sources in some very high places, seem 99% certain that Steven Gerrard is off to Real Madrid this summer. Hmmm… [Goaly Moly]

* * * * *

Terrible news. Really soul-destroying, ‘Britain is broken’ news: Smug tosser Colin Murray has been confirmed as the new host of Match of the Day 2. Shit the bed, that’s depressing. [BBC]

* * * * *

Sir Alex Ferguson of Fergieshire is NOT retiring, folks. The pensioner dismissed such rumours as “absolute rubbish” and told hacks at a press conference that he would outlast them all. In the words of the absolutely gash Predator 2, there’s no killin’ what can’t be killed.

And that’s your morning shorts, people.