Emmanuel Adebayor Joins BBC 2010 World Cup Punditry Team

Chris Wright

23rd, April 2010


By Chris Wright

Along with the dire news that Colin Murray has been installed as the new presenter of Match Of The Day 2, The BBC have also confirmed that Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor will join their World Cup team as a ‘guest’ pundit along with Gordon Strachan, Jurgen Klinsmann and Clarence Seedorf.

With Adebayor on board, you can look forward to plenty of this kind of in-depth analysis come the summer…

The Beeb’s World Cup coverage will be anchored by Gary Lineker, who will be joined by his usual cohorts – Alan Hansen, Lee Dixon and Alan Shearer – whilst the fleet of ‘expert’ co-commentators will include such luminaries as Mark Lawrenson, Martin Keown, Mark Bright (Oh, glory be!) and Mick McCarthy.

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  1. Sean says:

    Love the site and this post, but did you need to link to the not funny videos making fun of people’s accents.

  2. dr Longshanks says:

    I dont understand bringing in people to analyse football games with pigeon english or difficult to understand. Many of which have absolutely nothing to say.
    “He pass ball long. defending yes” M. Desailly
    As for Mark Bright, simply doesn’t understand the concept of co-commentating, just rambles constantly for 90 minutes even when the commentator is talking. He is a witless idiot.

  3. Ade Samba Sanda says:

    The phone going off is the least of the BBC’s embarrasment. Which idiot commisioned Adebayor as a pundit? he is incomprehensible and impossible to understand even for Africans! He speaks very very fast in a very very heavy accent and to compound matters most of what he actually says is gobbledeegook and nonsense! Also unlike Seedorf or Viera or Davids he has no chemistry with anyone else.

    Mark Bright is worse than John Barnes and at least John Barnes had a great career.

    Desaily is just another in the long line of inept pundits ITV have used. You can see their thinking lets find the next Ruud Gullit. Sadly Ruud is a one off just about, its a shame Sky arent covering the world cup. The team of Gullit,Souness and Redknapp is the best there is. Glen Hoddle is also a tremendous pundit. The suprise for me is Gareth Southgate who has been suprisingly articulate and forthright. But ITV’s coverage is ruined by the shift car salesman type cockney wide boy Andy Townsend who had a pretty much journey man career and reminds me of another garbage pundit Terry Venables who always knew which side his bread was buttered and sat on the fence.

  4. Ade Samba Sanda says:

    Also on the point of the BBC why the hell do they never listen to anyone??
    Letting Adrian chiles go and replacing him with the gratingly annoying smart aleccy Colin Murray? His voice is a total turn off.

    In fact Murray is almost as inept as Gabby Yorath the ageing token totty who ruined ITV’s coverage years ago and is now at the BBC doing the same. Watching her do an interview with a england footballer is embarrasing. She tries too hard to use her sexuality and her chest is always in their face. Embarrasing to watch.

    I long for the days of the 98 world cup. The dream team of Lynam, Hanson( before he became boring) , Martin O neil, Lawrenson and Ginola and the incomparable Jimmy Hill!

    ITV also had the great pairing in the commentary studio of Brian Moore and Big Ron.

    On the upside Mick Mccarthy is a great co commentator really informs the audience and is entertaining. Jim Beglin I like as well and Motty is Motty. Sadly ive never liked Peter Drury or Clive Tyldesly but at least Tyldesly can read a game.

  5. Ced says:

    I think there are only motherfuckers on this website to criticize somebody who is speaking French and trying to go on in English . And also I hate the subtitles on the video , what that heck is that ! Adebayor talks fast even in French , we dont care if he doesnt speak well english we just want him to play well , and keep the name of Africa up as any other African players in the premier league

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am a boy nameed emmanuel waerer did you get your name from!!!!!!

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