‘Arsenal Is A Training Centre’ – Patrice Evra Mocks Gunners’ Title Bid

Chris Wright

10th, December 2010


By Chris Wright

Manchester United football man Patrice Evra has laid in to Arsenal ahead of the two club’s table-topping Premier League encounter on Monday night, jibing that the Gunners’ ongoing barren streak has rendered the club nothing more than a ‘training centre’.

In an interview with Canal Plus, Evra said:

“Arsenal is a training centre. I watch them play and enjoy it but will they win the title? That’s what people will remember.

“Arsenal are a great club but it has been five years since they won anything and that for me is a crisis. We could lose to them on [Monday] but then what? There is nothing (for them), there will be no trophy, nothing.”

The Frenchman – who, to be fair, does have a point – continued:

“When you play against Arsenal it is a lot of fun. They are a team that play football. They won’t come to Old Trafford and put 11 men behind the ball.

“The difference is we play football but also have power. Sometimes they don’t kill matches off while we are more efficient.”

Upon hearing Evra’s nefarious slandering, L’il Samir Nasri popped his head above the parapet to rally in Arsenal’s defence:

“We are not children and we will demonstrate that on Monday. We will show Manchester United that Arsenal have really grown.”

Meow! Such a feisty little hatchling.

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  1. Bruno says:

    Evra is right…

  2. hayaku says:

    thats mean man utd dont have training ground? so sad thats why their training ground already been sold! poor all man utd scum! this evra really and idiot and bad mouth! did you wash your stint mouth blackie!

  3. yankmanc says:

    Evra is always right…

  4. Rich says:

    hayaku…your ignorance makes me feel pretty good about myself, thank you

  5. syndex says:

    I love the way footballers have to be politely rude about other teams, when all he really wanted to say was “arsenal well there a bit shit really no real backbone and we will steam roller them.”

  6. Le Guns says:

    Evra is a great player, and you could say that it’s up to the Arsenal team to shut him up. That should have happened last year at Old Trafford, and would have done had the ref been doing his job properly.

    In any case, Arsenal can try again this year. One thing’s for sure though, Evra is trying his hardest to be remembered as one of football’s most classless players. Other Man U players are content simply with letting their football do the talking.

  7. cesky says:

    Sounds to me like Patricia is a little bit worried about the Arsenal’s away form. And so he should be. This is what happens when a moron tries to play mind games – he has done all of our psych up work for us. Thanks you numpty! Oh and one more thing, Arsenal will be forever remembered for an invincible season and for winning the league at the theatre of dorks, Evra will only be remembered for being the worst captain of France ever to grace a world cup. Thats a very appropriate legacy for this smeghead.

  8. Miguel - NYC says:

    hayaku…your ignorance makes me feel pretty good about myself, thank you (sorry Rich, i had to steal this)

  9. Domm says:


    I don’t think he cares what he is remembered for after winning pretty much everything English football has to offer.

  10. Nick says:

    Is it just me or can Evra not shut up? I’ve got no bias as a Forest fan, and am not particularly favourable to either club, but Evra seems to have something to say before every game, irrespective of whether anyone actually cares. He strikes me as the kind off self righteous moron who believes that you should just say what’s on your mind whenever it occurs to you, irrespective of tact or common sense. Much like 90% of Big Brother contestants. He should take a leaf out of Paul Scholes book, and attempt to be remembered as a fantastic and humble player, rather than a mouthy moron who even talked his country straight out of the World cup

  11. Montesquieu says:

    I continue to believe that footballers have absolutely no fucking right to talk to the media. They just make asses of themselves and their club; no fucking professionalism.

    Evra is a fucking door knob.

  12. QMario says:

    Haha good times no wonder Evra is suspended from the French National team, no Frenchman can mock Arsenal and get away with it

  13. Businesspoison says:

    Fuck off Evra, Evra Fuck off.

    Why don’t you let your football do the talking you fucking French/Manc Cunt.

  14. Liger says:

    When I heard Evra talk about a crisis I assumed it was going to be about the World Cup?

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