Football Pundits Go To War: The Sun’s Rob Beasley Threatens Talksport DJ Andy Goldstein Live On Air

Alan Duffy

14th, August 2012


By Alan Duffy

Post London 2012, far too much has been written about the great Olympic spirit on show and how it shows up the greed and downright common behaviour of the Premier League’s football players. This lazy comparison spewed out by writers who, more than likely, won’t cover (or even feign interest in) another rowing or taekwando event for another four years, totally missed the point about the tribal (and bloody popular) nature of football in comparison to the totally different Olympic atmosphere and its plethora of minority sports. Sun journo Rob Beasley was one such lazy writer, coughing up this cheap pile of cack effort entitled “How vile football is back” after the Community Shield.

Beasley subsequently went on Talksport’s Hawsbee and Jacobs show to discuss his article, with Andy Goldstein in for Hawksbee on this occasion. Neither Talksport DJ’s were too impressed by Beasley’s views on the (apparent) horror of football fans “effing and blinding” in front of women and children at football matches. And pretty soon the discussion descended into quite a heated debate, with Beasley first admitting that he himself has sweared at football matches before Goldstein, in a dig at the loose morals of the red-tops, implied that Beasley had lied in some of his articles. From there on in, metaphorical blows are exchanged as Beasley eventually tells the Talksport man “I will see you about this”. More than likely around the back of the bike sheds after school. Fight fight fight!