Harry Redknapp And Mick McCarthy Join ‘Match Of The Day’ Panel For 2012/13

Chris Wright

17th, August 2012


By Chris Wright

The BBC have announced that along with dug-in regulars Mark Lawrenson, Alan Hansen and Alan Shearer, the Match of the Day studio will be graced by none other than Harry Redknapp and Mick McCarty as of this Saturday evening – with the pair tasked with bringing ‘their considerable managerial expertise and experience to the country’s most popular football programme.’

The Beeb have also unveiled the new MotD logo, updated to reflect their new personnel…

Yep, a ‘leaning through a car window’ gag. We went there.

Seriously, ‘Arry we’re not overly crazy about here on Pies (one imagines his stringent analysis will largely amount to tales of how he’s ‘had a look at’ every single player on screen at any given time), but we love ourselves a bit of Mick – no one informs a goalkeeper that he’s a big tart like McCarthy the Pansy Hunter.

What do you make of this season’s MotD line-up folks? Looking forward to seeing ‘Arry’s jowels in perpetual motion every Saturday evening until May?

(Image: @thedevilstweets)

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  1. Graham says:

    T’riffic mock-up of ‘arry.

    It will be like he’s running a “hire me as your next manager” campaign, with the BBC footing the bill.

  2. Bill says:

    BBC lose Dixon and replace him with Droopy, why god why? McCarthy’s great though, look forward him to calling players ninnys.

  3. The69ersFC says:

    Dear God no. Terrible recruitment by The BBC.
    Lawrenson offers zero insight.
    Used to like Hansen but he’s well past his sell by date now.
    Don’t even get me started on Robbie “you know” Savage !
    Shearer I actually quite like…but to lose one of the top 3 pundits on TV (the best on terrestrial TV – I don’t watch Sky so can only speculate as to how good their lot are) in Lee Dixon and replace him with Redknapp and Mcarthy is incredible. Both are complete cariacatures and will offer nothing outside of Cockney wide-boy and Tell-it-like-it-is Northener. Lowest common denominator punditry that will be insulting to the viewers intelligence.
    There surely must be some other ex-pros / unemployable managers out there who could do this and offer some original insight.
    Very lazy decision by the BBC.

    I just hope that Dixons TV career doesn’t turn to shite as is the tradition for BBC sports blokes going to ITV and their piss-awful sports coverage.

  4. Mr. Chopper says:

    Shearer is f*cking awful. ITV’s always been dogger compared to BBC in terms of football coverage and punditry, but the BBC seem to be doing their utmost to bring their rivals back into it. Compare Shearer’s insight to, say, Carragher’s. What’s that all about?

  5. Bobbie says:

    Shearer is the worst pundit ever seen on the beeb. He has zero insight or actual opinion, everything is a cliche.

  6. LJHarvz says:

    Absoloutely pissed myself at the new ‘Arry logo. Brilliant.
    Looking to forward to seeing McCarthy on MOTD though.

  7. andy says:

    If i had a pound for everytime I heard Harry say “oh hes a top, top player, top player yehh” at the euro’s i would be able to offer mourinho a contract to be a pundit! obviously he can manage a team but he is a fucking useless pundit/analyst, McCarthy is better than the rest of m.o.t.d but there must be better out there! Pat Nevin, but we know why they didn’t pick him.

  8. :) says:

    that photoshop of harry is brilliant!!

  9. Mr Sensible says:

    Shearer’s a boring pointless cunt. Please get rid of him.

  10. Chris M says:


    Why wouldn’t they pick Nevin?

  11. Luke says:

    Yeah what you talkin’ bout andy? Nevin is the dog’s

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