‘Nobody I Respect Calls Me Joey’ – @Joey7Barton Wishes To Be Known As Plain Old ‘Joe’ From Now On

Chris Wright

21st, August 2012


By Chris Wright

Like Prince and Andrew Cole before him, English football’s preeminent unemployed CTRL+C CTRL+V philosopher, one Joey Barton has tired of his earthbound moniker and wishes to be known as ‘Joe’ from now on – complaining that it was the evil mass media who christened him ‘Joey’ without his consent way back when.

If you wish to contact him over the issue, why not use his Twitter handle: @Joey7Barton, which was presumably picked out for him by Rupert Murdoch himself – as, lest we forget, nobody Joey respects calls Joey ‘Joey’.

May we suggest that he continue ploughing the Prince furrow and opt for a symbol…

Glad to be of service.