Gary Neville’s Refreshing Take On Robin Van Persie vs Tim Krul Spat (Video)

Chris Wright

13th, March 2012


By Chris Wright

Once an odious pantomime villain of a player, since signing on the dotted line with Sky Sports, Gary Neville has begun slowly winning over the hearts and minds of the population with his forthright analysis and his endearing lack of BS when calling matches – with his dismissive take on the nothing ‘spat’ between Robin van Persie and Tim Krul last night being the latest in a gradually lengthening line of reasons to like not 100% despise Red Nev…

All that without resorting to the old ‘handbags’ cliche even once. Well played Nevster.

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  1. MessiBalls says:

    Good onya Gary, dead right in what he was saying. This was a minor incident.

    I have been on the receiving end of people wasting time and it’s frustrating. Krul was acting the bollox when it was 1-1 but suddenly they went 2-1 down and RVP stated the obvious to him ie: ‘You won’t be wasting any more time mate’

    Petty topic, guarentee they kissed after the game

  2. Markell says:

    I’m supposed to hate Gary Neville and everything he stands for, that rat faced badge kissing scum… But I gotta say, his commentary is excellent. He always comes off as very intellegent and insightful, and I love his penchant for self effacing humor…

    I’m gonna go drink until the world makes sense again…

  3. V says:

    I never thought I would appreciate Gary Neville talk so much. He looks like the supreme epitome of Football Reason, right now.

    Goes to show a) how different a person can be on and off the pitch, and b) how judging a player for his pitch behaviour qualifies us as imprudent.

  4. adhikapp says:

    “But shouldnt a captain be more gracious?” “I dont know, um… youre talking to the wrong man” HAHAHAHA this is brilliant.

  5. John says:

    Gary Neville is a breath of fresh air

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