Photos: David Beckham Jinxes Andy Murray At Wimbledon, Now The Aussies Invite Him To Watch The Ashes

Ollie Irish

5th, July 2010


By Ollie Irish


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David Beckham and Orlando Bloom (right) during Day Eleven of the 2010 Wimbledon Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis Club, Wimbledon.

Bit late on this, but here’s a wee gallery of David Beckham and son Brooklyn putting the Becks jinx on Andy Murray. On Friday, Beckham and son watched Murray get taken apart in by Rafa Nadal in straight sets.

If Beckham or Mick Jagger turn up to support you, you know you’re shafted. If both turn up at once, you might as well not even play.

Knowing this, an Australian newspaper has offered to fly Becks to Oz – first-class, natch – for free so the ‘bad omen’ can watch England lose against their cricketers this winter. Stay away, Becks – your country doesn’t really need you.

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  1. Real People says:

    Only FOOLISH, STUPID, DELUSIONAL, IGNORANCE people would blame anyone else, let alone Beckham, (or Mick Jagger For God Sake!!!), who is injured, did NOT play, did not even make the squad, did not even training with them (jogging around with is not training), instead of those who PLAYED the match and IN the match and PARTICIPATED in the competitions!

    SO what if they loss the match while he’s watching? He’s not the one who played! When Beckham was dropped out from the squad in Euro 2008 qualifiers, England DID NOT EVEN QUALIFIED for the finals! And now that he’s injured and did not play, England DID NOT EVEN PASSED THE KNOCK-OUT STAGE and PLAYED BADLY FOR THE WHOLE GROUP STAGE!! So..who’s really bringing the loss to England here? As to Andy Murray, it’s HIS FAULT for not being up to par with Rafael Nadal!!

    Oh I hope England WILL LOSE the Ashes while Beckham is thousand miles away just to rub s**t to your faces with your rubbish accusation!!

  2. Rob says:

    The MLS ambassador busy as usual

  3. Deckard says:

    While this over-rated has-been was watching that Final, Germany was displaying a master-class in their thrashing of Argentina. Now a REAL football fan would’ve picked this clash over some lame ass Tennis match. But not this metrosexual. Just goes to show how his manicured face loves hogging the spotlight and football is just an “activity” he does.

  4. hollis says:

    Deckard- did you not consider that Beckham just wanted to escape the vuvuzelas?

  5. Steven (East-Bank) says:

    The self serving idiot and U.S.A living PR myth come over hyped Super-Patriot just goes from one hotbed of flash photography to the next. If its not centre court then its the celeb front row of a LA basket ball match. Keep on using Team-England to sustain Brand-Beckham profits/self publicity you shameless hanger on and parasite! Retire along with all your cheap 2 min sub freebie ‘give-me-caps’ thus selflessly giving younger players a go? No way Hosse!

  6. Deckard says:

    Thank You Steven. You took the words outta my mouth, but in a much better way. As you can see. Totally agree, WTF Beckham’s role was supposed to be in SA we’ll never know. And I emphasize never know because after Lampard’s goal debacle, pretty much all the players needing to front up for their dismal performances, and add Capello’s stay or go debate, and the questions surrounding what the hell Beckham was doing in SA as part of the squad is the least of everyone’s concern. Sad thing is, if Capello is indeed staying on through 2012 he’ll prolly take Beckham to the next EURO in the exact same role of as the official Fuck Knows What My Role Is But I’m Here Anyway.

    He didn’t even bother to watch it live on TV. If Football is your #1 passion then how can’t you care for such a mouthwatering tie. And don’t give me that BS cuz Germany knocked out England.

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