Pies’ Christmas Gift Ideas – No.1: Small Figurine Of Sergio Ramos Taking A Dump

Chris Wright

15th, November 2011


By Chris Wright

This may be about to become the shortest-lived feature in Pies history, but Christmas is crowning over the horizion (six weeks folks) and naturally our thoughts have started turning toward our nearest and dearest.

Indeed, what better way to show Granny Ethel that you love her than by watching her eyes light up on Christmas morning as she unwraps a bespoke gift sent with love from you to her – maybe a small ceramic figurine of Sergio Ramos curling one off with his shorts around his ankles perhaps?

These ‘Caganers’ (a symbol of fertilization, hope and prosperity for the coming year) are traditional Christmas fare in Catalonia, dating back to the 18th century. Catalonians hide the shitty widgets in their Nativity scenes and invite friends to find them. Kind of like ‘Where’s Wally?’, but with turds.

Update (courtesy of Pies fan Lady B): Saints be praised, there is also a Cesc Fabregas caganer available – complete with stubble and tats…

Choosing a present for Granny just got 50% tougher.

Image: Futbolita