Rangers Voted Into 2012/13 Scottish Division Three, Boast 46,000 Higher Average Attendance Than New Opponents

Chris Wright

14th, July 2012


By Chris Wright

At Hampden Park yesterday afternoon, 25 of the 30 Scottish Football League clubs voted that Rangers Newco (the new club stitched together like the Six Million Dollar Man from the few remaining assets of the old, now liquidated club) would be allowed to compete in Division Three in 2012/13.

We presume Celtic are just going to be handed the 2012/13, 2013/14 and 2014/15 SPL titles now to save any mucking about?

Anyway, the verdict came through at the same time as the Terry debacle reached its thrilling climax, and the Sky Sports News studio almost collapsed into a schism in the universe as they attempted to frantically bluster their way through both stories simultaneously – though they found time to flash up this interesting little graphic, which shows the average attendance of all the Third Division sides last year…

Can you spot the odd one out?

The Daily Record have produced a wonderful, club-by-club stadium guide to help Rangers fans get acquainted with their new opponents, including Berwick Rangers’ wonderful Shielfield Park (a ground I’m glad to say I’ve actually visited in my time) which is heavily sloped and features a dirty great dirt track around the outside of the pitch, being as they share it with the Berwick Bandits speedway team.

The joys.

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  1. NathanM says:

    I don’t think any man other than Bryan Swanson could have made this trial so entertaining.

  2. NathanM says:

    (With regard to Sky Sports News frantic reporting yesterday)

  3. Dusty says:

    Cheerio Rangers, cheerio!!!

  4. Gary C says:

    You couldn’t make this up!

  5. Allan says:

    The air is now 50% fresher at the top end of scottish football. England is lucky not to have two teams like the auld firm that suck the life out of our leagues and think everyone owes them at the same time.

  6. Dave says:

    Allan, you do realise that aside from the old firm Scottish football is about as enjoyable as spewing up absinthe. They are the only light in a dreary haze of severe mediocrity. FYI St. Johnstone fan here. 3/4 empty stadiums, rubbish pitches and the obvious appalling standard of football is what has sucked the life out of Scottish football, Celtic and until now Rangers have thanks to their massive support and history managed to avoid this tragic demise.

    I reckon if I was anything to do with Rangers, since they’re starting at the bottom anyway, just abandon Scotland and join the English system, it would be far more beneficial in the long run for the new club. In 10 years they could perhaps be in with a chance of getting into the Premier League, whereas in Scotland they’ll probably just be back to slugging through the mire like they were before. A club with the support and infrastructure of Rangers could surely rise up the English league systems quite quickly.

  7. Herman says:

    A shame that they weren’t kicked all the way to the bottom of the Scottish league system.

  8. B'OB says:

    They were Herman. The bottom division of the Scottish Football League is the lowest level of senior football in the country.

  9. Fat Nakago says:

    I hope my Berwick Rangers kick THESE fookin’ Rangers at Shielfield Park AND at the Ibrox and put them in their rightful sorry place.

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