Celtic’s Paddy McCourt Sent Bullets In The Post

Chris Wright

12th, January 2011


By Chris Wright

The Royal Mail have confirmed that they have intercepted a package sent from Northern Ireland containing bullets that was addressed to Celtic winger Paddy McCourt, just days after a sorting office in County Antrim discovered packets containing bullets that were addressed to Bhoys manager Neil Lennon and midfielder Niall McGinn – it should come as no shock that all three men hail from Northern Ireland.

The package addressed to McCourt was discovered by staff at the Royal Mail sorting office in the east end of Glasgow. Police were immediately alerted, with the packages removed for forensic examination.

Strathclyde Police also confirmed that an investigation into the sectarian threats has now been launched.

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  1. Jay says:

    Utterly wrong!

    No sympathy for lennon but!

  2. Johns says:

    The R*ngers knuckle draggers are at it again! They are called Scotland’s Shame for a reason.

  3. Jay says:

    Its got fuck all to do with Rangers!

  4. Ranger says:

    They are not ‘bullets’ proper military term for ammunition is a ’round’

  5. mike says:

    forgot to mention in your article that all three men are Catholic.

    Jay why no sympathy for Lennon is it cause you are an awful bigot. No matter how much you dislike him personally I do not understand how any rational person thinks a death threat is a rational response. Also I do believe this has something to do with Rangers, just like the two other attacks on Lennon during his time in Glasgow have been committed by Rangers fans. Lennon is the object of so much hate because the Rangers support is full of bigots and cannot handle an Irish Catholic being successful.

  6. Jay says:

    Because the man is a prick, thats why, if hes getting death threats then thats his own fault, im not surprissed! I dont see how Rangers are being dragged in to this, its coming from Northern Ireland!! The Rangers and Celtic supports are both full of bigots! All 3 who were targeted are from Northern Ireland, so i assum thats y they were targeted and not any other celtic players! And lets face it why would any1 be Jealous of lennon :s

  7. Anonymous says:

    Jay -Lennon gets the amount of bile from people from you for no other reason than he’s an Irish Catholic who made himself a hate target from sectarian bigots like yourself because he dared to sign for Celtic.
    People like you make me sick. F**k off back to the 17th century where yer mindset obviously still belongs.

  8. celticdog says:

    Let’s get this straight, you think Lennon deserves death threats because you think he’s “a prick” ! Great reasoning.
    You also seem unaware of any connection with Rangers because the 3 players are from Northern Ireland. Are you really so naive as to be unaware of the club of choice of the majority of Northern Ireland protestants? Why else would they be targeted other than because they’re Irish Catholics who play for Celtic ? Anton Rogan got similar abuse in the 90’s. If all 3 of these guys were plying their trade at Bolton or Cardiff you would be looking for someone else to take your hatred out on.
    This whole pathetic scenario is yet another example of the sectarianism & bigotry that still thrives in the West of Scotland and Ulster and continues to be perpatrated by narrow minded retards like yourself.

  9. CMDG says:

    @Celticdog. Celtic fans are just as bigoted as rangers fans. It’s naive to think that it all comes from the blue half of Glasgow. Not only are some Celtic fans bigoted but they also do there club proud by protesting against the poppy and booing war heroes.

  10. Jay says:

    I can’t have sympathy for lennon as I hate the man! He’s a hatefully bigot, and maybe that’s why other hateful bigots have threatened him! Maybe that’s why he’s been attacked a few times!?

    The other 2 I can have sympathy for, as they are not bigots! Is that really so confusing?

    WOW! A lot of Protestants from norn iron support rangers, therefore it MUST be rangers fans!!!

  11. celticdog says:

    Oh yes …the old ” I only hate Lennon because he’s a bigot” excuse :-)
    And he’s a “bigot” why exactly ?
    You seem to be an expert on who’s a bigot and who’s not, could you please give us all an example of Lennon’s bigotry.
    I’m reminded of some of our Rangers supporting young lads during an old firm game a few years ago on TV in our local pub when they were very vocal in their hatred of Neil Lennon. When I challenged them as to why exactly they hated him, the response was “err…well…err..we just do..err”. In other words, they hated Lennon because that’s what Rangers supporters are supposed to do, following the herd…. not an original thought between any of them.
    Lennon’s been the focus of sectarian hatred from the day he walked into Celtic Park, his only ‘crime’ has been to stick 2 fingers up to his abusers. Now, if he had been befriending paramilitaries and posing for photographs with them and wearing black armbands as a tribute to dead UVF leaders (like certain ex Rangers goalkeepers)then you might have a point, but no, your hatreds are just the result of the same old tired prejudices.

  12. mike says:

    the view of most rangers supporters is that you must be a bigot if you are an Irish Catholic. That is why when pressed they never have any reason to call Lennon or any other Celtic players of Irish Catholic heritage bigots, they just do.

    @CMDG- yes there are some bigots in the Celtic support but their number pales in comparison to the number of bigots in the Rangers support. Go to a typical Rangers forum such as FascistFascist (FollowFollow) or Rangersmedia and you will see numerous threads about how Rangers should go back to the days of only Protestant players and how no players of Irish Catholic heritage should be allowed in the youth teams. And I challenge you to name a rangers song that has anything to do with football, they all have nothing to do with football and are just bigoted attacks on Irish Catholics. Also I see nothing wrong with protesting a wearing a poppy, when did Celtic fans boo a war hero?

    Jay-No one knows if the person who sent the bullets was a Rangers fan but he probably was. If he wasn’t a Rangers fan he would have sent the bullets to all Catholic players on the Northern Irish national team.

  13. reece says:

    fuck u jay silly hun bastard ur mommy is ur daddy aand lennon has done nothing wrong he has done alot for celtic stand up and hail the boy for goodness me!

  14. reece says:

    5 sad pepole like u jay have tweeted this and liked it on facebook what is there to like about it!!!

  15. DJ says:

    Celtic fans need to understand that not every Gers fans hates him because he is a catholic, a minority do, theres no getting away from that. Most other Gers hate him because he is a cunt, end of story.

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