Neymar Scores Couple Of Solo Corkers On Way To Hat-Trick vs Internacional (Video)

Chris Wright

8th, March 2012


By Chris Wright

While all eyes were on Messi and his quintet, Neymar quietly went about scoring a hat-trick against Internacional in the Copa Libertadores last night – the first being a boring old penalty, the second being an incredible full-tilt 60-yard solo slalom dribble with a rinky dink over the ‘keeper to finish…

Here’s a pretty cool photo of the wee cockatoo celebrating…

Neymar’s third goal of the evening wasn’t half bad, either – similar, though a damn sight flukier, than his second…

Not bad, but come back when you’ve scored five laddy.

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  1. UnitedYank says:

    Both of those were better than any of Messi’s five

  2. Miguel - NYC says:

    United Yank, both of those Champions League trophies Messi won with Barca against ManU (and the goals he scored against them) sure look better than any of these two goals.

    In any case, Neymar is showing great potential. I hope that he is able to show these type of skills when/if he makes the move to Europe.
    His second goal reminded me of Ronaldo’s goal against Compostela when he played for Barca.

  3. Inkling says:

    I dunni, his stepovers smell a little bit like robinho.

  4. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Must I remind everyone he plays in a league with neither prestige nor competitive nature. If he goes to Spain, Italy, England or Germany and does this, well than you can all cream in your pants at how amazing this git is. Otherwise, zip up your trousers and shut the fuck up about Messi.

    Sincerely, someone who isn’t even that big of a Messi fan.

  5. p says:

    yeah league really matters its not like you never see bad marking or guys not tracking back in champions league matches

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