The Aston Villa-Liverpool-Man City-Tottenham Best XI

Ollie Irish

21st, March 2010


By Ollie Irish

Last week we published our Best XI comprised of the top three Premier League sides (check it out here). Today we focus on the quartet of clubs that are the main contenders for fourth place: Villa, Liverpool, Man City and Spurs.

This was tough. Here’s our starting XI (again, based on form this season alone), in a 4-3-3 formation:


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Brad Friedel, Aston Villa

There you go. Five Villa players, four Spurs players and just one player each from Liverpool and Man City.

Agree/disagree? Let’s have it…

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  1. Calum says:


    Cuellar Dunne Bale

    Lennon Milner Petrov Kranjcar Downing

    Defoe Torres

    Subs: Friedel, Dawson, Corluka, De Jong, A.Johnson, Tevez, Kuyt

  2. Christoff. says:

    Tbh as much as I hate him, I’d put Bellamy in there him & Tevez work a treat

  3. Ricky says:


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  5. Gomes
    King Dawson Bale
    Lennon Palacios Gerard Milner
    Torres Tevez

    Subs: Defoe, Kranjcar, Dunne, A Young, Huddlestone

  6. AP says:

    You kidding me, no Reina? Best keeper in the Prem.

  7. This team is a complete joke.
    Cuellar Dunne Collins Bale
    Lennon Milner Kranjcar
    Defoe Torres Tevez

    What sort of a formation is this? There are six attacking players.

    If so many villa players get in this team then why are Villa below all these in the league?

    Also the inclusion of Kranjcar and Bale is a complete joke.

    My team:
    Corluka Dunne Agger Warnock
    Mascherano Barry
    Lennon Gerrard Modric
    Subs: Friedel, Milner, G.Johnson, Palacios, Crouch, Benayoun, King.

  8. punterino says:

    Wow Bremner, you have a hard-on for Liverpool don’t you? While I don’t always agree with Ollie’s picks, he’s pretty spot-on here. Your line-up is just bizarre. Milner is far more consistent and less injury prone than Lennon (who is out injured right now). Gerrard is having his worst season ever, Modric missed half the season, and Agger? Are you serious?

    Dumb fuck.

  9. Gerrard is really having a crappy season @punterino i actually havent seem him this bad since..never..

  10. Jack says:

    agreed punterino. I think theres a case for the inclusion for modric and bellamy in my opinion. plus Given runs Freidal very close. Steven ‘elbow’ Gerrard wouldnt even make the bench based on this season..

  11. Caleb says:

    I’d say there are a few glaring snubs in this team: Given, Mascherano, Barry. Other than that it’s good (a front three of Defoe, Tevez, and Torres would overrun most teams).

  12. kritter says:

    I’d have to go with:


    Cuellar King Collins Bale

    Lennon Modric Gerrard Milner

    Defoe Torres

    Subs: Tevez, Friedel, Mascherano, Dunne, Barry, Benayoun

    This is hard to figure out! There’s a lot of quality. I’ve snubbed Carlton Cole, Kuyt, Modric, Krancjar, Dawson, Huddlestone… to name a few.

  13. kritter says:

    I can’t believe Bellamy hasn’t been mentioned more, also.

  14. Joe says:


    Johnson Dunne Agger Bale

    Lennon Barry Modric Milner

    Torres Tevez

  15. Milner is the most overrated player in the league. But I guess you morons always get carried away with the hype…

  16. spectator says:

    i’m a reds fan but i think only reina and torres deserve to make it in.

    i’d start given, then make an unconventional half-time keeper substitution to let reina bring it home.

  17. gamblino says:

    “Milner over-rated” – says the man who picked Agger! Priceless. Pretty spot-on team. Be nice to find space for Bellamy too. Only one Liverpool player any where near good enough this season. Fact.

  18. trstra says:


    Johnson Dunne Collins Insua

    Milner Gerrard De Jong

    Tevez Young

  19. Morgan says:

    Bale has been awful nearly all season, starting to come good now he’s playing left midfield, can’t defend. I’d prefer Bridge or Warnock, otherwise can’t really complain with that team.

  20. kritter says:


    I wouldn’t say awful, just not great. He’s really come on in the last 2 months though. He’s turned into a great attack threat in Lennon’s absence.

  21. ,,, says:

    shay given
    cuellar, dunne, carra, bale
    milner, barry, kuyt
    defoe, tevez, torres

  22. anom says:

    reina defo better than any keeper in prem
    johnson best right back
    dunne gr8 season
    bale best left back of the season
    lennon b4 injury he was amaising
    milner every time
    gerrard not a gr8 season but still better than allot

  23. basti.lfc says:

    im a liverpool fan,but i honestly gotta say that only reina, johnson and torres deserve to be in this team,
    gerrard has his worst season since….ever!

    my team would be


    Johnson Dunne Bassong Bale


    Lennon Ashley Young


    Torres Defoe

  24. Connor says:

    shocked how many would leave out tevez… also keepers is a three way draw for me with gomes being a step behind

  25. Jonathan says:

    GK – Shay Given
    RB – Glen Johnson
    CB – Jamie Carragher
    CB – Richard Dunne
    LB – Carlos Cuellar
    CM – Gareth Barry
    RM – Ashley Young
    LM – Dirk Kuyt
    LF – Jermain Defoe
    CF – Carlos Tevez
    RF – Fernando Torres

  26. sam says:

    johnson dawson dunne bale
    lennon gerrard barry modric
    defoe tevez

    cuellar carragher
    young palacious
    torres agbolahor

  27. Jeremy says:

    Corluka Dunne Dawson Bale
    Milner Modric Johnson
    Torres Tevez

    Not many going to beat that 11

  28. pervertinho says:

    this Ollie whatever is a complete moron..

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