Tottenham Players Walk Off As Pitch-Invaders Cause Multiple Disruptions At White Hart Lane (Photos)

Chris Wright

27th, November 2014


By Chris Wright

Tottenham eventually saw off Partizan Belgrade in the Europa League on Thursday evening but the game finished later than scheduled thanks to a trio of dimwits who ran onto the White Hart Lane during the first half in what is being reported as a pre-planned viral “troll” stunt.

The officials were forced to hold an emergency confab on the pitch after two encroachers wearing identical shirts burst onto the field, took selfies with Tottenham players and generally arsed about.

However, both sets of players and staff were then led from the field several minutes before half-time when a third dipstick (again wearing a matching shirt) made his way out onto the pitch…

The game then restarted at 8.55pm, with Spurs going on to snaffle themselves a narrow victory thanks to Benjamin Stambouli’s first goal for the club.

As for the pillocks who caused the disruptions, the general consensus in the media is that the stunt was the work of an “electronic hardware company” – though it’s also being suggesting that a group of Youtube trolls were behind the idiocy on display.

The good news is that police have confirmed three arrests were made.

Whoever was responsible, we should really be starving them of the oxygen of publicity – but hey ho.

Feel free to call them all the names under the sun to help redress the balance…

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  1. PS says:

    if you don’t want to give them publicity as you state in your report, then you should have blurred out their advertising on their shirts!

  2. Jarren says:

    What is their agenda? It seems to be to take selfies with players.

    I’m sure they’ll get some epic congrats on their FB / Twitter pages for that.

    Meanwhile, they’re actively encouraging the reintroduction of gated fences across pitches.

    But hey, fuck it! EPIC SELFIE YEAH? *heart* #itsallaboutme

  3. porcelain sandwich says:

    It is indeed those Youtube troll wankers. They’ve put a video up claiming that the original aim was to see which one of them could stay on the pitch the longest. I’d post the link but it makes me too angry.

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