Tottenham’s Adel Taarabt: ‘I Should Have Joined Arsenal’

Chris Wright

18th, March 2010


By Chris Wright

Tottenham’s young winger Adel Taarabt has admitted his regret at not joining bitter rivals Arsenal when he had the chance. Silly boy.

Taarabt, currently on loan at QPR, told The London Evening Standard;

“I was going to go to Arsenal and Comolli was there with Arsene Wenger, but [Comolli] went to Tottenham so I went there.

That was a big mistake for me. My friends in England – like Armand Traore and Abou Diaby at Arsenal – told me Tottenham were not the right fit for me.

The big mistake was to sign for Tottenham and not go to Arsenal when I first came over.”

The 20-year-old Moroccan continued his charm-offensive by going on to criticise English football in general;

“England is not for me, I think La Liga is the best league for me.

I don’t like how they play in England, I like to play football. I look at teams like Bolton, Stoke or Wolves and say: ‘There is just no point for me’. I hate that style of football.”

Spurs fans must be counting the days until this delightful young chap returns to their fold.

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  1. Shava says:

    No, mate. You shouldn’t have, and i am bloody glad you didn’t. If you can’t break the Spuds squad you haven’t got a chance in Hell of breaking our superior one. We dodged a bullet with this lad.

  2. JEFF says:


  3. abe says:

    Yes, you should have. I am a Spurs supporter but admit that Arsenal play good passing football. Would love to see how they dealt with someone who refused to pass, and would not work for his team. trust me, if wenger really wanted you, he would have made an effort.

  4. jedijohnny says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….. what a knobhead!

  5. Jesus says:

    Jeez, and he thinks mouthing off about his team (even if its Spurs) is going to entice Wenger to buy him?

    This kid is a twat. Obviously talented but poor attitude.

  6. musher says:

    He is right. Stoke, Bolton play kick-opponent kind of football, very anti football tactics. Pure disgrace.

  7. afghani says:

    one fucking word shoebomber

  8. goddy says:

    ‘i dont like how they play in england. i like to play football’

    i’ll translate – ‘i’m a lazy bastard and can’t be fucked to run so i’ll just slag off the quality of the league instead of admit im crap’


  9. EDub says:

    Sorry, c*ntbag. The only sp*r we would think of taking is Pavy, and since he and Arshavin don’t get along, it’s not happening.

  10. what a complete toss but you have to love it when somebody completely fudges it

  11. Paul Kennedy says:

    Check out this site has some great Tottenham Memorabilia

  12. goonerdan says:

    weird how both us gooners and yids agree that this kid is a mug.

  13. jon says:

    what a knobjockey. F**k off overseas u spud you not good enough for our team anyway. Y u think ure on loan di*khead

  14. howie gooner says:

    This guy must be related to PEPE MASATS the dodgy lawyer from Granada Spain

  15. Domhuaille says:

    Great approach to enticing Wenger into rethinking his transfer:

    1) I hate English football.
    2) I joined Spuds since my friend did, not because it is a good team
    3) I should have joined another team,so I can stop dissing this one,
    4) I can’t make their first team but could make yours (which is a better team overall),
    5) I should be playing in another league but I’ll condescend to play in the EPL,
    6) I don’t listen to good advice, and finally
    7) If I don’t like Arsenal I’ll shit all over you too………..

    Yessir…he’s got negotiating down to an art form this kid has! :((((((

  16. gooner says:

    This is the work of PEPE MASATS, the lawyer from GRANADA who steals his clients funds.

  17. howie gooner says:

    Pepe the dodgy pedo lawyer from granada is off to play with the boys!

  18. pedro ramón says:

    Pepe masats from granada is a rogue abogado. dishonest and dangerous

  19. paloma says:


  20. Juan says:

    Pepe Masats is a dangerous “lawyer” and a wolf in sheeps clothing

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