Barcelona Insert Anti-Racism Clause Into David Villa’s Contract

By Chris Wright

Anti-racism charity Kick It Out have revealed that the contract David Villa signed when he joined Barcelona last month included a ground-breaking ‘anti-discrimination’ clause, that the organisation hope will now be included in every future deal made within professional football.

The clause stipulates that; ‘The player will not express or carry out, in any form, discriminatory ideas or acts, either during football games or in any club duties. The club will strongly condemn any discriminatory or racist act according to the agreement.’

Barca themselves have already vowed to insert the clause into all of their future contacts, with club president Joan Laporta confirming;

“It is the first time that a contract has been signed with an anti-racism clause included as introduced by the European Club Association, from now on we will include it in all new contracts.”

Director of Kick It Out, Piara Powar, described the move as ‘symbolic’, and has indicated he wants to see more of the same, saying:

“To have this clause within the contract of elite performers like David Villa sends out a categorical message.”

Hear hear.

Not that a legal caveat should be needed to prevent prejudice – but, as I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s a step in the right direction.

Now, if only Kick It Out could ensure that all the hate-spewing racist ‘fans’ worldwide have to sign similar documents upon entry to games…

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  1. Villan says:

    I don’t see the big deal here.
    Is there really a problem in the game in this sense?

    Any racist comments that I recall have been on the pitch and never get proven or are just hearsay from what I’ve seen.

    There are miles more important things to worry about in football, imo.

  2. kaya says:

    In a league still known for monkey calls, it’s probably a good move.

  3. James says:

    It’s ‘hear hear’, not ‘here here’.

  4. jamatthews says:

    It seems less ground-breaking and more Spain joining the 21st century.

  5. Jay says:

    Quality news. As jamatthews says – great to see Spain actually making moves to CHANGE. (Or more so a Catalan club). Once again, Barca using their clout in the right way. First Unicef and then this first?

    I LOVE BARCA. (Remember – Real with all their money choose to promote a gambling site). Congratulatios to Barca in trying to show discrimination will not be tolerated, as the Castillians once (and some say still do) towards Catalans.

  6. spectator says:

    i mean, i agree with the sentiment but racism is far more of a problem amoungst fans than the players, or so it seems. barca are the most self-righteous club in the world so it’s hard not to be little bit cynical about their motivations. writing a rule into their contract really just makes them fear for their bank balance not the actual ethics of the situation.

  7. jordan says:

    let me get this straight.
    say david kicks up a stink, gets sick of barca, however unlikely.
    all he has to do is racially attack someone and he’s released? or does he receive a fine?

  8. K says:

    Maybe they should try having that clause on their fans tickets too.

  9. The Rookie says:

    How about a clause that prohibits players or anyone on their behalf including without limitation agents from engaging in transfer discussion with another team during the contract term?

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  12. ks2 says:

    bad thing they didnt insert it in busquets and suarez’s contracts…

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