Arsenal To Break The Habit And Spluff £6m On Scott Parker?

By Chris Wright

Having seen his side relegated from the top flight at the weekend, it’s perhaps inevitable that West Ham’s ventricle-busting skipper Scott Parker may have one eye on the exit at Upton Park and, if the Independent are to be believed, it looks like it is Arsenal who are poised and prone to snap up the FWA Player of the Year – with a three-year deal reported to be in the offing.

The Indy reckon that Arsene Wenger is ready to shell out upwards of £6 million on 30-year-old Parker, as the French schemer is finally ready to ‘break his self-imposed restriction on signing older players to long-term contracts’.


Stranger things have happened at sea, but Wenger placing his faith in a sweaty Cockney grafter over some prissy, adolescent 5’1” French tyro this summer seems just a little too far-fetched.

That said, £6m seems like chicken feed for a bona fide ‘Player of the Year’, so maybe Wenger may just be tempted into taking the plunge – though whether or not Parker’s hustle and bustle approach will be to his taste is quite another matter.

In fairness, altogether more feasible is the paper’s assertion that Wenger will also be allowing Tomas Rosicky and Denilson to move on to the highest bidders this summer.

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  1. JEZZA says:

    we all know that we need this man, he would be maginificent for this club, but his 30 and the only players wenger buys that are over 30 are quaility french defenders such as grimandi, squillaci and silvestre. wenger is completely dillsuionssal and stubborn, apparently west ham are holding out for a price of £ 14 , which lets be honest wenger wouldnt spend on messi if he had a chance, he needs to get out of our club because whith him in charge we will just not win anything. mental stength my ass, this team is fragile and vunrable just like mr wenger. parker would be amazing for this club but i just cant see it happen

  2. King Eric says:

    Why would they buy Scott “over-rated” Parker when they’ve already got one of the best box-to-box midfielders in the Prem aka Jack Wilshire? Also considering Song and Diaby, Arsenal will be turning into the new Man City, next they will want Viera back!
    Also Jezza, quality strikers over 30? Silvestre – Man Utd cast off, Squillaci – useless (see Aston Villa) and Grimandi.. who?

  3. :) says:

    that’s a flippin bargain. if he stays he’d become one of the legends

  4. Mike Hunt says:

    Arsene will not take him he’s to old for his liking. He’s happy with little Jack.

  5. Chris also says:

    I would love to see this happen. Not only do they need to cover their asses for when Fabregas is injured/leaves, but they also need to actually rest Wilshere if he’ll be playing for England U21 and over 21 plus the grind of going after 4 trophies.
    On top of that they desperately need someone who can rally the troops when Squillaci(JEZZA, really?!)& co. fumble in a few more ridiculous goals and RVP & co. pitter-patter around the box and then lose the ball.
    But nooooo- 16 yr. old French boys, come on down and meet your new daddy.

  6. Migz says:

    @King Eric
    I think Jezza may have meant the bit about defenders to be a joke…

  7. nabla says:

    its obvious Jezza was being sarcastic. Scott Parker is perfect for arsenal. He is exactly what we need. Vocal, experienced premiership player. Hard working, and some of that English spirit that’s been missing for a long time. Even at 10million I’d take him. Will Wenger do it? No. He will wait until the last minute of the window, and fail. Liverpool or whoever will snatch him. Arsenal will end up with a 17 year old ‘prospect’ and another ‘experienced’ french player, and if we’re lucky…another free transfer that no other club on earth was chasing. Last chance for wenger.

  8. AussieGooner says:

    Parker to Arsenal goes against the Wenger player purchasing policy. The mail I have is that Wenger is going to make an offer for Inanovic’s young bloke.

  9. Rafa says:

    I think Parker is overrated.
    he should be made replacement of Mascherano if he was good. just look what teams he has plaid for during his career and you tell me how good he really is. Benching Song and and bring Parker as some have suggested is pure madness.
    do you think that the likes of AF, Mourinho, Guardiola, Manchini, etc have been blind all these years not to bid for his services? I would not say no to him at AFC, but trust be he is not all that good. and that is the harsh truth.

  10. Cleffman says:

    Another french player? This man keeps building player for his country & u guyz never thought of dat! He prefare to buy a youngster of £250 or wait til a player’s contract is expired! In honest truth i think he should retire & go to coaching his french national team.

  11. Dowding says:

    Yes all very well but apparently hes been playing through the pain barrier big time this season, frequently taking injections. He’s a crock waiting to happen…

  12. wanyama says:

    Aw has no new ideas and the best for him is to resign or be sacked. Silent Stan u better purge up or your eggs will break and the loss will be bitter.Arsenal needs 4 new player who are mature not babies and not necessarily French!

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