Nicklas Bendtner Is ‘100% Open To A Change Of Clubs’ – Barcelona On Standby?

By Chris Wright

First Denilson, now Nicky Bendts. Looks like Arsenal will be hemorrhaging some real ‘Grade A’ talent over the next few weeks.

According to Bendtner’s father/agent Thomas, his son/client is almost certain to leave the Emirates this summer in search of his footballing destiny:

“Nicklas is 100% open now to a change of clubs. He has made his decision and he has told it to Arsenal. Nicklas needs to be playing from the start so, sadly, he must leave.

“He wanted to finish the season first, so no-one could say he didn’t fight for a first-team place right until the end.

“There is real interest from both English and German clubs, and Bayern Munich were after him, earlier. It’s very exciting, but talk about Aston Villa is rubbish.”

Poor old Villa, eh?

Any road up, Bendtner has undoubtedly shown that he possesses the chops to mix it at Arsenal on several occasions over the years, but his frustrating lack of consistency has slowed his progression at the club to a crawl during the last 18 months.

To my eye, it seems like he’s stuck in a loop, with his monolithic ego and sporadic talent affording him chances that he then constantly squanders with awkward performances and the odd high-profile blunder leading to him being benched for a while until his monolithic ego and sporadic talent… a vicious circle if you will.

That said, the boy’s still only 23 and still has his best days ahead of him – at least, you’d hope he still has his best days ahead of him.

What say the Gooners out there? Is Bendtner worth trying to hold on to, or is it high-time to ditch that son-of-a-bitch?

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  1. anjar nuryono says:

    Honestly not a big fan of a Bendtner, but he gives us something differents specially his 6 ft 4 frame. If all of us remember 2 season ago, when Van persie out through injury, he was quite good as our target man, opposition centre backs struggle to control him, good in the air and has a high leaps. Unfortunately for him wenger system doesn’t allow him to partner Van persie. He is never a winger to me, he is a classic english type striker, ala ALAN SMITH in GEORGE GRAHAM era. So if Wenger decided to stick with Bendtner, he needs to abandon the 4-5-1, and try to play 4-4-2, try to play a bit direct when passing football doesn’t take us where we wannabe.

  2. MaxMad says:

    I’m Danish/Arsenal Fan, and I despise Bendtner.
    Please, send him away. Preferably not close to Denmark.

  3. fabolous says:

    kick him out!

  4. youreds says:

    wouldn’t have him at forest to be honest, dire.

  5. makeqfit says:

    I am crying…with laughter! If he was as good as he thinks he is, we would be playing Man U in the CL! He has scored some great goals, but so has Emile Heskey and we don’t want him! If I was Wenger I would already have a car on standby to take him wherever he is wanted. Perhaps he should be careful of what he wishes for, the last player who thought he was to good to wait his turn, was a certain young “heir apparent” to Mr Beckham – D. Bentley – that worked out well for him didn’t it?

  6. Michael says:

    He is just part of the large group of under achievers that arsenal have and it would be beeter for him and arsenal if he goes

  7. chimpo says:

    i would say he would be perfectly suited to a club like villa

  8. Toast says:

    Too good for football. God bless Bendtner

  9. Jason says:

    I’m pretty sure we can cope without him. Unfortunately for him and us, for a lot of this season I think he was mis-used. Why have a target man who has proven (in spurts) that he can lead the line and score with his head, play wide right? Only Wenger knows…

  10. romfordray says:

    I’d rather have him over Chamakh but I do understand why he would want to leave.

  11. daniel says:

    as a danish arsenal fan I’m happy that he is leaving… not because he is a bad player or because he is super arrogant, but because he needs to play as first choice somewhere to develop. If that is a mid-english or german team, so be it! Don’t wanna see him sitting on the bench in Bayern.

  12. MastaB says:

    Chamakh hasn’t had a great debut season, but that being said it was his first year in the EPL. Wenger has given Bendtner plenty of chances and he has failed to take them. I am willing to see Chamakh give it a proper go next season.

  13. Hirsty says:

    I love all of these Arsenal squad player’s delusions of grandeur. Bendtner and Denilson would be lucky to get in a mid table Premier team, the fact that they think the likes of Barcelona and Bayern are crawling over themselves to get them is hilarious…

  14. Toji says:

    I don’t know what you guys are all on about, Bendtner is a footballing GOD. The likes of CRon and Messi look up to this astronomically talented forward!

  15. AussieGooner says:

    He should go. I believe Bognor Regis are looking for a new boot boy.

  16. RVP15 says:

    I’ll raise the funds for his transport costs!!!

    Has a horrible first touch and an equally horrible goal/chance ratio

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