Official: Arsenal Agree Nasri Sale, Man City Medical This Afternoon

Chris Wright

23rd, August 2011


By Chris Wright

It’s official. All you gooners can start saying your goodbyes to Samir Nasri as Arsenal have agreed a fee with Man City (somewhere around £24 million) who have, in turn, agreed personal terms with the jinky Gallic schemer, who is now thought to be heading to Carrington as we speak to undergo a routine medical.

Arsenal have posted the following statement on their official site:

“We can confirm that they have agreed terms for Samir Nasri to move to Manchester City.

“The 24-year-old midfielder, who has spent three years with the Gunners, has been omitted from Arsenal’s squad which flies to Udinese this afternoon and instead will travel north for a medical.

“The move will be subject to Nasri passing a medical and formal registration processes.”

So there you go. Arsenal lose their second established star of the season, things aren’t looking particularly promising for the Gunners at the moment – but a quick £26 million bid for Eden Hazard from Arsene Wenger is rumoured to be already waiting in Lille’s inbox, which should go at least some of the way to staving off mass hysteria, no?

No, probably not.

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  1. C says:

    And off to mid table arsenal go. Have fun down there, lads!

  2. LOL. £24m for a player with one year left who’s played well for 6 months out of 36…. City are mental.

  3. LMFAOL!! Was definitely fun being affiliated with Arsenal see u wenger when u finally make it back to the top 4 or 6 :D

  4. Sex God says:

    Ah yes, Samir Nasri.

    A player who once had potential future apprentice Sex God material.

  5. wtfmate says:

    It really saddens me to see $amir “the cunt” Na$ri go.
    he’s a good quality player and it’s another talent wasted at man city..
    i believe that if arsenal make it to the champions league, there’s gonna be 1-2 quality signings before the trade deadline.
    can’t wait for wilshere to come back into the first squad

  6. syndex says:

    I never really rated him, he seemed to be knocked off the ball by an errant gust of air, with six months left on his contract for me it is very good business of arsenal and the usual comedy styling for city.

  7. wolfinho says:

    @syndex: well said.

    even if arsenal have a couple of “bad” years (like a certain team from merseyside), they’ll still be a top club and have the resources and legacy to get back to the top (or thereabouts, since united own that perch). once the oil runs dry and the turbans say bye, city will wither back to the piece of crap club it has always been. good for nasri for getting paid while the getting’s good and the giver’s are asses.

  8. Markdagooner says:

    Timing is not great given Cesc’s departure but 24 Million quid for a player that was mediocre (at best) by the end of the season and who is out of contract in 6 months is phuckin good business by the Arse. Mancini will bench Nasri and use him as a sub, so no doubt he will get pissed off and leave and join Sadebayor. Hopefully Arsenal can qualify against Udinese and sign some more quality.

    Keep the faith.

    Come on the Gunners!

  9. Dont worry says:

    hmm well if he is no good at city i’m sure they can kidnapp ozil or somthing clone him and send him on his way

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