Nottingham Forest’s Robbie Findley Pulls Off Pathetic Horror Miss vs Leicester City (Video)

Chris Wright

18th, January 2012


By Chris Wright

Forest got stuffed 4-0 at Leicester City in the FA Cup third round replay last night. Safe to say, I don’t want to talk about. Quite honestly, it could’ve been double figures had Leicester not had the good grace to stop playing for the last half-an-hour.

This also happened; Forest forward Robbie Findley looping the ball over the crossbar from about 40cm out (at 2-0 down) by opting for some stupid little double-footed bunny-hop in front of goal instead of the more widely established ball propulsion technique often referred to as ‘kicking’…

Pathetic, truly pathetic. Now if you’ll excuse me, this vomit isn’t going to clear itself up.

Video: ESPN

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  1. Questionable says:

    sorry mate. When the Boro lose i just thank the stars im not a fan of say, scunthorpe utd

  2. Ian says:

    I really dont understand how he did that. TBF he’s been awful since joining Forest anyway. Its to be expected.

  3. Archbishop Betty Snagcock says:

    don’t worry chris town will try and hump them for you

    • Chris says:

      @Betty: Despite the whupping, Leicester didn’t look that great – though that was almost definitely because they realised that they could roll Forest over while playing at 40% after a couple of minutes.

  4. Archbishop Betty Snagcock says:

    @chris even so leicester will probably smash us, to the point i’d be willing to dress up as a bishop and hold a WAATP poster at the next round should we win

  5. Nick says:

    9 out of the last 10 games without a goal, I’ve never seen anything like it. I turned it off after about 20 minutes and I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. They genuinely looked like a non-league side, battling a bit, but showing an alarming lack of technical ability and vision. Any thoughts on what has changed?

    • Chris says:

      @Nick: I think the bubble just burst. We vastly over-achieved for two seasons and now we’re paying for it. The squad is paper-thin and horribly unbalanced (six out of the eight players on the bench vs Leicester were naff, woefully out of form strikers), and the forwards are miserably profligate with their chances.

      That wasn’t too much of a problem when we were playing flowing, passing and ATTACKING football under Billy Davies and creating lots of opportunities, because the crap strikers could stick away one in every five/six, but now there is absolutely no creative link between the midfield, the wings and the frontmen and the strikers aren’t good enough to manage on one/two decent chances a game.

      I can honestly see us going down this season, losing seven or eight out-of-contract first-teamers in the summer due to a complete lack of money and starting again by promoting a load of the youth team in League One next term. Seems strange to say, but it might just be the best thing that’s happened to Forest in a while.

  6. Marvin says:

    They should only pay him half his wages since he only plays with half his feet. He missed because he tried to use his right foot for a ball tailor made for his left. My 6 year old would have been smart enough to use his left foot there.

  7. Tom Jones says:

    At 1-0 down not 2-0 down….

  8. Del says:

    How?!!! How could you miss that????? Even Torres in his current slump of form could’ve scored that!!!! Blindfolded!!!

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