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AC Milan Players Walk Off Pitch After Kevin-Prince Boateng Racially Abused During Pro Patria Friendly (Video)

By Chris Wright

Here’s footage of the AC Milan players presenting a united front and walking off the pitch together after Kevin-Prince Boateng was racially abused by fans during the Rossoneri’s friendly against fourth tier side Aurora Pro Patria (whose players had already twice tried to stop their supporters’ racist chanting) earlier this afternoon…

Now that’s how you react to racist¬†troglodytes¬†in the stands. Well played gentlemen.

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By Chris on January 3rd, 2013 in FAIL, Serie A, Videos. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

14 Responses to “AC Milan Players Walk Off Pitch After Kevin-Prince Boateng Racially Abused During Pro Patria Friendly (Video)”

  1. […] Milan have walked off the pitch during a friendly after striker Kevin-Prince Boateng was allegedly racially abused by opposition […]

  2. K says:

    Its amazing how I live in the American South, probably the most racist place on earth… and if you go to an American football game, baseball, or basketball game you’d never see or hear something like this…

  3. slim.charles says:

    Well played. Like to see the club take some action against those fans.

  4. Bear says:


    I was born and raised in the American South, still live here, and although racism remains an issue socially it is not acted upon – in the past 20 years, at least – or raised by crowds nearly as bad as it had been in the early to mid 20th century. It definitely is curious, however, that seemingly progressive societies in Europe still have openly racist demonstrations. Regardless, it would appear that the extroverted racism originates from a minority of, as Chris so eloquently puts it, troglodytes. As to the racists with self-control, unfortunately they will probably endure throughout many global societies.

    That being said, good on the players for taking a stand.

  5. SULTAN says:


  6. porcelain sandwich says:

    I think characterising the American South as the most racist place on earth is doing a huge injustice to the level of racism in Eastern Europe, Southern Africa and the Central Americas. That being said, I never thought Italy was that racist, I guess you just get a few bellends in every country.

  7. dusty bottoms says:

    finally, the voice of reason has spoken up. cheers to you yolo

  8. JayJay says:

    @yolo & @dusty bottoms: May God have mercy on your sorry lives.

  9. Steve-o says:

    @ dusty bottoms

    hush…you’re supposed to let the maggots eat the rotten flesh without disturbing them.

  10. vasko says:

    Having come from eastern Europe and currently living in America, I can say from personal experience it is a very different form of racism. In eastern Europe the racism comes from a lack of contact with black people. Most people there, or at least when I was there 5 years ago have never come in contact with a black person before and so they easily succumb to racist stereotypes, something created by ignorance. In the America however, African Americans are a massive part of the population and so the racism is different. Here many whites are in contact with blacks every day. The racism here is not caused by ignorance but by the desire of whites to protect their “racial superiority“. This form of racism is also bred by ignorance, but not because of circumstances but because of the negative mind set. Most americans aren`t racist, but as in many places, a vocal minority is viewed as the voice of everyone. Pardon the long post.

  11. […] Video of the AC Milan players leaving the pitch due to racist chants […]

  12. dusty bottoms says:

    just jokes. wasn’t seriously backing yolo.

    comments sections mean nothing these days anyhow.

  13. […] you can hardly begrudge Kevin Prince Boateng for simply marching off the field under similar circumstances, Altidore’s reaction is so much more level-headed and poignant: […]

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