Saints Be Praised, Samuel Eto’o Has Written A Comic Book! (Video)

Chris Wright

15th, January 2013


By Chris Wright

You know that Samuel Eto’o comic book you were waiting for? Well, wait no longer – for it is upon us!

Written in French but with a strange half Spanish title: “Eto’o Fils: Nacimiento De Un Campeon” (Eto’o’s son: Birth of a champion), the comic charts the hard yards that the Cameroonian superstar has had to put in over the years to get to where he is now: earning £36-a-minute for half-arsing it out in Dagestan.

Said Eto’o, in glorious third person:

“I wanted to share my experience with young people. Samuel Eto’o wasn’t always the billionaire that many people present him as. Behind all that there was a lot of work, and it’s that work that I want to highlight.”

Should you be remotely interested, the first of nine volumes of Eto’o’s comic – which focuses on his childhood spent selling fish on the streets of Douala – goes on sale (in France) on January 31st.

Pies’ll pass on this one, we’re more ‘Beano’ kind-a-guys.

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  1. thatterrylewis says:

    So how does this tie into the next Avengers film then? OH SNAP! Eto turns on the heroes and was behind it ALL ALONG!!!

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