WUM WUM WUM … Jose Mourinho Winds Up Villarreal Bench (Video)

Ollie Irish

10th, January 2011


By Ollie Irish

Football’s second-biggest WUM (Wind-Up Merchant for noobs), after No.1 WUM El-Hadji Diouf, was at it again on Sunday, prancing around like a tit after his Real Madrid team scored a fourth goal at Villarreal…

One of these days, someone’s gonna take Jose’s eye out with a coin.

Villarreal’s Cani, inflamed by the Special One’s gloating (understandably so), lobbed a water bottle at Mourinho (it missed), and was then shown a red card. Pesky Mourinho wins again! And as always, he had a handy excuse for his behaviour: “I went to celebrate the goal with my son who was behind the visitors’ bench, and the Villarreal players thought I was provoking them,” he explained, no doubt winking furiously as he did so.

All of which frippery detracted from the fact it was comeback kid/Jesus lover/Alastair Cook lookalike Kaka who iced Real’s cake. Good to have you back, Ricky.

Another vid of the incident, with footage of the goal that preceded it:

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  1. GHelene says:

    Mourino is an ass. And furthermore, he should not have won coach of the year. He really has no expereience playing, and obviously does not know what to do when under REAL pressure. That is for the real professionals. Any good coach can take the best players in the world and succeed. Lets see you take a second tier team and succeed. I know, you wont, because you simply cant. — that is why you are NOT the coach of the year for me. You are there for you and you alone. Not for the love of the game or any team.

  2. steve emmanuel says:

    Mourinho is not just a coach but the special one, who has brought fame into coaching. I cherished his charismatic and exemplary character. He can bring out the best in any average player anytime and anywhere. Mourinho please we want more of you. God will grant you success always in Jesus name, amen.

  3. olusola says:

    Did benitez survive in inter? is anceloti not finding it tough in chelsea?
    Mourinho is born to win, everything he touches is successful. if he is not the best coach, then who wins it?

  4. ghahaha says:

    HAHAHA. What poster nr 1. ( ghenene? ) said had to be the must hilarious post of the year. hahah yeah Mourinho aint coach of the year .. righhhht…

    Who then? Vicente del Bosque and his 1-0 journey to the World Cup?
    Guardiola who was beaten by Mourinho himself and hasn’t really done anything to the Barcelona team, who play like they have the past 5 years and shown that he has no plan B?

    Morons all of you.

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