Is Arsene Wenger a genius?


1st, February 2007


Wenger_4When Arsene isn’t whining about fixture a pile-up, slapping Alan Pardew like a girl or failing to see a misdemeanour by one of his own players, he’s being a complete genius. As his second string Arsenal side brushed off the challenge of a strong Spurs side in the League Cup Semi Final last night I began to start worrying about the quality of his side in 3 or 4 years time. Surely they will be the finest team on the planet? Surely my beloved Bolton Wanderers will no be able to extend their Gunner hoodoo!?

Is the new crop of Arsenal players the finest set of youngsters on the planet? Wenger has referred to them as sensational. I refer to them as f**king ace with an alarming frequency. Is this group of players the finest since the Ajax youth team that featured a young Bergkamp?

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  1. mathieu says:

    I couldn’t agree more.

  2. jon says:

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  3. David Keyes says:

    I agree that Wenger is a genius and I think a large of part of his genius was honed during his time in Japan. He says as much in the great, almost psychoanalytical biography of him called “The Professor” by Myles Palmer. And as a fan who came of age during Ajax’s mid-90s team, I can say that yes, Arsenal’s current kids might match that group.

  4. Lew says:

    He sees real talent very young. Denilson looks like another amazing footballer. Supremely comfortable on the ball, great dead ball delivery and energy to burn. After his comeback from long term injury, Abou Diaby looks like a Vieira in the making. Cesc we all know about. The full backs coming through can only improve with tough games against quality Prem players. Walcott will only get better. Adebayor’s improving all the time. RVP is just quality. The future’s bright.