Fitba Thatba Present: Dapper Laughs Replaces Arsene Wenger As Arsenal Manager (Video)

Chris Wright

13th, November 2014


By Chris Wright

Now, we admittedly had to look him up on the Google having never heard of him before the start of the week, but it would appear this “Dapper Laughs” arsehole has caused quite a commotion of late, with hordes of people uniting to condemn his particular brand of crass, sleazy, misogynistic and intermittently rapey “comedy”.

Indeed, the man behind the supposed character, Daniel O’Reilly, has even appeared on Newsnight to officially retire his creation after ITV went ahead and chose not to renew the magnificent-sounding “Dapper Laughs On The Pull” for a second series following a severe backlash from appalled onlookers.

Anyway, courtesy of Fitba Thatba, it seems that, while shamed, Dapper Laughs isn’t quite finished yet, oh no.

In fact, with Ivan Gazidis in the hunt for someone a little more offensive than Arsene Wenger, Mr Laughs has only gone and landed the gig as Arsenal’s new manager…

Is it wrong that we kind of want that t-shirt?

(Via Project Babb)

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  1. FitbaThatba says:

    You can make that t-shirt by buying a grey t-shirt and scrawling “proper erotic” with any sort of pen. Maybe Tippex? Who knows

  2. Jarren says:

    I remember all the spides (aka neds, chavs) in school sniffing Tippex.

    Regarding this video, I had not heard of Dapper Laughs either.

    Is ITV on some mission to become the Daily Star of television?

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