Arsenal: Guest Carves Impressive Thierry Henry Pumpkin For Halloween Wedding (Photo)

Chris Wright

30th, October 2015



Having been invited to a Halloween-themed wedding and instructed to bring a Jack o’ Lantern as a gift, one chap decided to carve the Arsenal-supporting bride and groom a present they’d really love.

Indeed, after several hours of toil and trouble, Gerald Clarke was ready to show off his Thierry Henry-inspired creation on Twitter…


Photo: @geraldpjclarke/Twitter

“They’re getting married on Halloween and asked guests to bring pumpkins,” Gerald told Metro.

“I thought I’d theme mine to their passion.”

Anybody who’s ever embarked upon the arduous quest of carving their own pumpkin will know that a serious amount of work has gone into that thing.

We’re impressed.

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  1. liam says:

    Can somebody enlighten me? All I see is a pumpkin with a few holes knocked out.

  2. g. says:

    it’s there… TH14 burning with passion.
    mostly his bum, back and armpits

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