‘Ridiculous And Embarrassing’ – Arsenal Criticised For Taking 14-Minute Flight To Norwich Before Sunday’s Game

Chris Wright

28th, November 2015



Arsenal’s decision to take a 14-minute flight from London Luton airport to Norwich ahead of Sunday’s game at Carrow Road has been chastised by a group of environmental campaigners.

By comparison, the 115-mile journey from the club’s London Colney training ground to Norwich’s stadium would take around two hours by coach or train.

As such, their decision to fly has been heavily criticised by Plane Stupid, a network of grass root groups that keep tabs on the expansion of the aviation industry and help bring an end to needless short haul flights.

Plane Stupid spokesperson Ella Gilbert told the London Evening Standard:

Having lived in Norwich and Finsbury Park, I can tell you that this is a distance that you can do in two hours by train, without fuelling climate change. This is ridiculous.

I’m a life-long Gooner so I’m used to being occasionally embarrassed by my team, but I prefer them to wait until after kick-off before humiliating their supporters.

Don’t fly to Norwich, the Canaries aren’t worth it.

Well that’s not very polite, now is it?

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  1. Jarren says:

    To be fair to Arsenal, they have do it for their sponsors.

    Pretty obvious from that photo.

    • Murray says:

      They couldn’t have just done a photo op a month or more earlier when playing their away fixtures in the Champions League… or even earlier than that when doing pre-season tours in… whatever corner of the world that isn’t the UK?

      A sponsor photo op just HAD to be an otherwise needless 15-minute flight to Norwich, and there was no getting around that?

    • Geraldo says:

      And presumably their sponsors would like them to win the League as well. Which they won’t. Because they are – and always will be – style over substance.

  2. Tom the Bees fan says:

    and trains run on air do they?

  3. Joe Dirté says:

    Wenger says:

    “When we made the decision there was some road work planned – sometimes the access to Norwich is difficult. We do not fly a lot any more. We take the train or coach. This is an exception.”

    Do your homework before you believe dolts. Dolts are everywhere.

  4. Vonslaich says:

    Hey, we all know a good sound bite is better than facts.

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