Shit Lookalikes: Arsene Wenger & Rick Snyder (Governor Of Michigan)

Chris Wright

19th, April 2016

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High-calibre Shit Lookalikery from spotters Spec Diagnostics (@SpecDiagnostics) here, who noted the very Arsene Wenger-esque mannerisms of the very Arsene Wenger-like governor for Michigan, Rick Snyder…


Sacré bleu! You could be fooled into thinking they were the same bloke if it weren’t for the whole “refusing to quit” thing.

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1 Comment

  1. Martin says:

    Quite a bit of similarity in the refusing to quit thing, actually. Snyder knew that the water of Flint, a city in Michigan, was heavily contaminated with lead and other toxins for over a year. Snyder appointed the city’s emergency manager, who switched water sources from safe to horrendously polluted as a cost-cutting measure. government officials knew and were supplied with safe bottled water rather than use the tap. There have been massive cries for him to step down, but he hasn’t. I guess like Wegner he also doesn’t know when it’s probably a good idea to spend money.

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