Arsenal: Stray ‘Wenger Out’ Placard Spotted At Anti-Trump Protest Rally In Central London (Photo)

Chris Wright

21st, February 2017

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“Oh come on…”

While Arsenal were busy seeing off Sutton United on the outskirts of town, a protest took place in central London on Monday night, with people gathering to call for President Trump’s upcoming state visit to be cancelled.

However, one protester seized the opportunity to make his opinion heard on a different topic entirely by bringing his “Wenger Out” placard along for good measure…


Photo: @Martin_Abrams/Twitter

Here’s the close-up…


“Nah blud, it’s the Arsenal Fan TV protest tomorrow, you get me fam?”

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1 Comment

  1. Ron says:

    That protestor needs to stay focused on the real enemy: orange Donnie. Fuck that guy.

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