Champions League Snapshot: Miffed Arsenal Fans Stage Anti-Wenger Protest Outside Stadium (Photos)

Chris Wright

7th, March 2017



Miffed Arsenal fans continued to voice their discontent by staging a limited protest outside the Emirates ahead of tonight’s Champions League last-16 second legger against Bayern Munich.

Banners were on show with slogans such as “No new contract,” “Au revoir Arsene” and other such malcontented tosh.

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It didn’t end with the silly signs either…

Footage also showed fans chanting “Arsene Wenger, killing our club” – fans who, Pies politely suggest, should perhaps go and chat with fans of Charlton, Coventry, Blackpool and the like before repeating themselves.

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  1. Paul says:

    I’m not an Arsenal supporter but I think it might be the right time to step down. Although I hope for the sake of his reputation it’s on his terms, as he’s done wonders for the club.

    These (select) Arsenal fans are an absolute embarrassment, as Chris has mentioned try being a supporter of Charlton, Coventry, Blackpool, et al and then you’ll realise what killing a club looks like. This is why on the whole Arsenal fans get such a harsh time (That and they have the ability to hijack any social media platform).

  2. Jarren says:

    Of course, once Wenger leaves Arsenal will instantly return to the top of the Premier League and win the CL.

    Chelsea, Spurs, City, Liverpool & United will simply cower and eventually fade away under the righteousness of Arsenal to be the best.


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