In Response To Arsenal Whining, Long-Suffering Darlington Fan Describes What Supporting A Properly Inept Club Entails

Chris Wright

11th, April 2017

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Rendered aghast at Arsenal fans descending into apoplexy over the prospect of not finishing in the top four of the Premier League for the first time since 1995, one long-suffering Darlington supporter decided to catalogue the misery he has witnessed over the years.

In order to detail what it’s like to support a club who are actually hopeless, Darlo supporter Joe Kennedy produced the mother of all Twitter threads – a testament to what it is to really suffer as a football fan.

Joe then went on to list every example of utter ineptitude he and his fellow fans have been forced to endure.

It’s pretty comprehensive, so prepare yourselves according…

So the next time you’re thinking about printing out an A4 ‘Wenger Out’ banner or find yourself Googling ‘plane hire in North London’, just take a moment to remember those less fortunate that you.

Oh yeah, and that worm thing? It actually happened.