THE VOTE Can Eduardo da Silva really fill the boots of Thierry Henry?


5th, July 2007


Eduardo da Silva – First Interview
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A silly question you might think, but one that needs asking. Da Silva is unproven and talented – just as Thierry Henry was when he first came to Arsenal. So do you think Arsene Wenger has unearthed another diamond in the rough, or will Da Silva struggle to make an impact in the Premiership?

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  1. OmegaSupreme says:

    They’re pretty big and fancy boots to fill. No one should expect a new Henry or compare the new boy to him. That said if he can get a hat full of goals, albeit in a more prosaic style he could do what Ruud did for Real when they sold Ronaldo. It is time for Van Persie to shine though.

  2. Phantom-Pain says: