Did Paul Merson just say Harry Redknapp was better tactically than Arsene Wenger?

Ollie Irish

4th, August 2020

Yes, he did…

To give Merse the slight benefit of the doubt, he did – unlike all of the football neckbeards on social media – actually play for both Wenger and Arry, so he should have some idea what he’s taking about, but still, you have to say this is a historically bad take that literally no one else in the game would subscribe to.

I like Merson, but pound for pound he talks more bollocks than any other English football pundit. For example:

“David Nugent tore up the Championship but he’s gone to Portsmouth and he’s a fish up a tree.”

“Liverpool have just rolled the last bit of the dice.”

“When Everton knock it long, they don’t knock it long.”

“Football’s all about yesterday, it’s all about now.”

“Everton are literally a bag of Revells.”

“The big oxygen thing is out for Benni McCarthy – he’s got a lot of medical round him.”

And his best take of all:

“Manchester City paying so much money for Kevin De Bruyne is an absolute joke. I thought he was out of his depth at Chelsea. He never once went out on the pitch and looked like he belonged there. I don’t think he could handle it – and now he’s going to City for about three times what Wolfsburg paid for him. Not for me.”


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