Jose Mourinho will NEVER stop trolling Arsene Wenger – and vice versa

Ollie Irish

16th, October 2020

Arsene Wenger is back, baby. He’s FIFA’s new Chief of Global Football Development. He also has a new, definitive (!) autobiography out, titled ‘My Life in Red and White’ (boring, boilerplate title for a book about one of English football’s most interesting men), which he has been promoting here, there and everywhere. This is excellent news, as football misses Wenger as much as he clearly misses football.

People who have read the book noticed a Jose Mourinho-shaped hole in it. When asked about this oversight, Wenger countered with the following, less-than-convincing explanation:

I didn’t want to make a book that sorts out some differences. I wanted it to be a positive book.

I had more acrimonious battles with Sir Alex [Ferguson] than Jose Mourinho.

In other words, Wenger is negging the hell out of Mourinho, and with an argument that makes no sense – if he wanted it to be a positive book, why write about his feud with Ferguson? Arsene knows what he’s doing, though. It’s the sort of sly insult that he reserves for his closest enemies – I’m thinking of the time he needled Fergie by saying “Everyone thinks they have the prettiest wife at home.”

Of course, journalists weren’t going to let this lie. During his latest online press conference, Jose was asked why he thought Wenger didn’t mention him. His response was vintage Mourinho:

The result: Jose 1-0 Arsene.

For the record, Wenger did beat Mourinho a couple of times, but overwhelmingly the Frenchman lost out.

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