Mikel Arteta clings desperately to % stats after another defeat (Everton 2-1 Arsenal highlights)

Ollie Irish

21st, December 2020

The dead eyes of a man who has seen too much. I give him nine months before his hair turns fully white.

So Arsenal lost again, which is fun. They didn’t have anything like enough edge to get the better of Everton. Why? According to Mikel Arteta, something weird is going on…

Okay, Mikel, whatever you say, Mikel. It’s time for your morning walk now…

The Guardian’s Barney Ronay reacted to this by tweeting: “Every man has his breaking point. You and I have one. Colonel Kurtz has reached his. And quite clearly he has gone insane.”

I think there’s a 97% chance Ronay is right.

Everton 2-1 Arsenal highlights:

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