Shit Lookalike: Alexander Hleb and Kevin Bacon


30th, August 2007


Our latest Shit Lookalike comes courtesy of Pies reader Daniel Budden. He quite rightly pointed out that Arsenal’s man from Minsk, Alexander Hleb, is a dead ringer for a young Kevin Bacon, which is a coincidence because he also saved Arsene Wenger’s bacon against Fulham a couple of weeks back.

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  1. nicko says:

    nah he looks more like willem de foe

  2. Mary says:

    Does this mean that every professional footballer in the world can be linked to Alexander Hleb in six degrees or less?

  3. arands says:

    youve got this all wrong Kevin bacon is a shit lookalike of xabi alonso circa 2005 wen he had his longer hair also he has a twinge of the new doctor who aswell find pictures and u will realise