Champions League review: Arsenal 3-0 Sevilla


20th, September 2007


A surprisingly comfortable win for Arsenal against one of Europe’s most dangerous sides. The real Sevilla never really showed up, and they had no answer for the guile of Cesc Fabregas and the power of Emmanuel Adebayor. Fabregas was lucky to open the scoring with a deflected shot, but overall the Spanish team didn’t deserve anything from the game.
So, a fine start in Europe for the Arse. They definitely could win the tournament this season, but then so could eight or nine other teams. But, as one blogger commented on the BBC Sport website, ‘How would Thierry Henry feel if Arsenal won the Champions League without him?’ That made me smile – Henry left London so he could win big trophies, and I’m sure he’d have mixed feelings if Arsenal win the CL in his absence. Cruel irony indeed.
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  1. oller says:

    haha, reminds me of a certain michael owen, leaving pool for madrid ‘for top european football’
    next season who’s lifting the european cup….

  2. Rusty says:

    It probably wouldn’t even occur to Henry that they might win it precisely because he isn’t there, stinking up the place. You can’t tell me that any of his teammates enjoyed that time the team was announced as ‘Thierry Henry’s Arsenal’. No matter what he did for them, they must have thought: tosser.