The great pub debate – who is Arsenal’s hardest player?

Ollie Irish

24th, January 2008

79162188.jpgIn the wake of ‘Arsenal Fight Club’ (aka the silly bust-up between Nicklas Bendtner and Manu Adebayor), I thought it would be interesting to ask, who do you think is Arsenal’s hardest player? Adebayor and Bendtner are both big, strong lads, but is there anyone in Arsenal’s current squad who could take them in a street brawl (gouging is allowed, but no weapons)?
Arsenal are generally perceived as a team of lovers, not fighters, but there must be someone in their squad who is a bit tasty? I’ve compiled a shortlist of five players who could vie for the title of ‘Arsenal’s hardest player’. Check it out after the click…

Arsenal’s five hardest players, in Pies’ humble opinion:
1. Emmanuel Adebayor
Big, athletic, powerful. Wouldn’t be afraid to use his head.
2. Mad Jens Lehmann
Unpredictable. Big. German. Would fight dirty if he had to.
3. Emmanuel Eboue
Flying kicks, tantrums, elbows, more tantrums – Eboue is a wildcard with a nasty streak.
4. Phillippe Senderos
A gentle giant but I wouldn’t want to wind him up. The shaven-headed Swiss is probably one of Arsenal’s hardest-looking players, but does that make him a match for the others on this list?
5. William Gallas
Been around the block and has quite a temper. Big bloke too.
Imagine those five in a street brawl, outside a kebab shop, on a Friday night at last orders. Who is the last man standing?
(My vote goes to Gallas, by the way – there’s something about him that says ‘I’m nails…’)

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