Arsenal fans, who’s the last player at your club you’d sell?

Ollie Irish

5th, June 2009


Arshavin: “Pick me, pick me!”
Fabregas: “Shut up, you’ve only been here for five minutes…”

Tis the season for buying and selling, so I thought I’d ask you, who’s the last player at your club you’d sell? Arsenal fans, you start us off (seeing as how you’re first in the Prem alphabet and all)…
It’s a subtly different question from, “Who is your club’s most valuable player?” It’s more like, which player would you really not want to see leave the club, above anyone else. You might have very different reasons for wanting to keep a player: either you think he’s simply irreplaceable, or perhaps you just really like him.
So, my lovely Gooners, if you had to sell all but one of Arsenal’s players (to build an entirely new squad, say) who’d be your last man standing, and why?
Leave a comment with your answer, or if you can’t be bothered (I understand, the internet is a big place) vote after the jump with one quick click of your finger…

(I voted for Cesc, btw)

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  1. mrswoo says:

    I think thatKieran Gibbs and Jack Wilshere should also be on that list now.

  2. Ashley says:

    I am surprised that Gallas isn’t doing better. Sure a lot of Arsenal fans don’t especially like him, but we are a different team when he plays. Basically our season ended when his did

  3. chet says:

    mrswoo surely youre mad. hes rubbish in the air and a **** in the dressing room. i dont understand why so many people voted for arsha. hes a brilliant player, but cesc is the obvious choice. andrey isnt young (28) and as a winger or second striker, speed is vital, and its also the first thing to go with age..
    i would be happy to see billy gallas go. give arsha the number 10 shirt and bring in a carthorse like mertesacker to replace him!

  4. T Money says:

    This is fairly obvious. Cesc is our only proven world class player, and even he regularly benches for Spain

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