How much is Cesc Fabregas really worth?

Ollie Irish

7th, July 2009


So Arsenal have stuck a £40m price tag on Cesc Fabregas, or that’s what ‘sources’ at the club told the tabloids.
Whether or not there’s any truth in this story – I doubt it - I wanted to ask you all, how much do you think Cesc is really worth? Because to my mind, he’s worth more than £40m to Arsenal.
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  1. wllmhll says:

    definitely more than wenger’s 40m evaluation

  2. nickynicknick says:

    He’s priceless at the moment because the team has him at the heart. Unless you can replace him with someone that can immediately perform in the EPL and bond the team together there is no point selling.

  3. kev says:

    christ roll on the new season so we can rid of all the shite written on these foruums who gives a toss how much fabs worth he staying next story is arseshavin is off to barca again it’s boring so from this moment on i read no more shit written untill the season gets underway

  4. Gooner Till Death says:

    He’s worth alot more than 40m to Arsenal, but as a football, £20-30mil.

  5. Tim says:

    He is worth at least £50m.

  6. tom says:

    as a arsenal fan its sad to say i think he had a really bad season and only scored 3 goals as an attacking centre mid that is really poor when you compare to players like lampard and gerrard yes he has a awesome pass but needs to score more. cristiano ronaldo is worth alot more simply for the fact he scores so many goals! i think arsenal would be alrite with him as arsharvin or mainly nasri can play in that position!
    sagna vermulen toure clichy
    walcott (cana)/song nasri rosicky
    arshavin / van persie
    adebayor(hopefully a new striker)

  7. your mum says:

    How much is your site redesign worth? I’d say a kick in the nuts. Totally pointless. Unless you were really trying to make it much more difficult to navigate.
    Cancel my subscription! Why does every site I like have to go and get fucked up? You assholes. : )

  8. Ollie says:

    @ your mum: how is it more difficult to navigate? Did you go full retard? There are links on the home page. Click on the links to read the full story. End. Of.

  9. karthik says:

    man u forgot to include an option
    thats wat i think he is for me and for arsenal

  10. Eze Chigo says:

    i think FabrePASS worth morethan the 40 pounds, he is a good and confidence player, and his passes infact” is a TROUBLE to defenders, so think he worth more than that, for me he 70 million pounds. CEESC IS WONDERFUL

  11. Aicher says:

    If he wants to go as it seems likely it will be on his terms. He is not worth more than £20 -25 mill. Has got to be the most overrated player in the premiership

  12. paul says:

    if gerrard is worth 30mil (who scored like 3 times less goals than fabregas and has less assists). and not to mention stevie g is like 8 years old how can fabregas be worth less than him ? real madrid offered 60mil for him and if barca wanted him they would offer more than that so i would say 65-75mil.
    top scoring midfeilder in the premier league and joint assists on top with lampard and fabregas doesnt even play attacking mid he plays central mid. also as said by messi fabregas has the best pass in the world.

  13. In my own opinion i think fabregas is not worth more than ronaldo, but he is worth €50,000,000 and should not be priced less if barca needs hir serviceses.

  14. michael westphal says:

    i think we could get 50 to 60 million but then again we would loose the hart of arsenal fc the 2nd best midfilder in the premirshp

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